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Keep track of the Sales you and your Team are working on, including their Status and the work that has been done against them.


View your Sales List

Click on the Modules button on the top left of the screen.

Hamburger menu 4

Click on Sales to view a list of all Sales within Accelo. 

Sales 234
This will bring up three options: All Sales, Managed By Me and Unassigned. Clicking up one of these options will bring up a list of the relevant Sales within Accelo, which you can sort and filter as needed.

A specific sale 2

  1. Search for a particular Sale.
  2. View All Sales.
  3. Choose how to sort the Sales, whether alphabetically, by Status, or by the Date Created.
  4. Filter the Sales by your Saved Filters.
  5. View the other Modules.
  6. The Sale Title.
  7. The Sale Contact.
  8. The Sale Value.
  9. The Sale Status.

View Sale Details

Click on a Sale to view more details of the Sale.

Sale Details 2

  1. Log Time against the Sale through a Note.
  2. The Sale Title.
  3. The Sale Status.
  4. The Sale Type.
  5. The Sale Value.
  6. Add an Activity to the Sale.
  7. The Sale Details, including the Status, Contact, and Standing.
  8. The Stream associated with this Sale.
  9. All Tasks created against the Sale. Make sure all work is being completed in a timely manner.
  10. All Tickets associated with the Sale. Keep track of any issues your clients may be having as the Sale progresses.
  11. All Quotes created against the Sale.
  12. Create a new item against a Sale, such as an Activity, Task, or Ticket.
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