Connect to Exchange

Connect your Microsoft Exchange with your Accelo account to automatically track and share client emails and attachments with your team without changing how you use email, while maintaining full control over your privacy.

Using this Guide, you can:

  • Connect Microsoft Exchange to Accelo

  • Locate your Server using Office 365

  • Locate your Server using Outlook

Connect Microsoft Exchange to Accelo

To connect your Exchange account to sync email, meetings, contacts and tasks, you'll need access to your Office 365 (Exchange Online) environment or your settings inside Outlook.

To connect Microsoft Exchange to your Accelo account:

  1. Click your User Profile Icon  and select Integrations option.

    accelo.integrations option

  2. Select Microsoft Exchange

  3. Enter your Exchange details:

    Server: Enter your Exchange server's address. Read below to locate where you can find your server address.

    : This will be your email address unless otherwise specified by your administrator. 

    : The password you use to access your email / Exchange Online account.

  4. If you've successfully connected to Accelo, you'll see a green bar across the top of the Exchange integrations tab with the text a green bar with Connected.
  5. By default, most of the settings will be OFF. Continue through this help section read about most of these options.

To locate your server if you're using Office 365:

  1. Find your server address by logging in to your Office 365 account and accessing Outlook.

  2. Click the gear icon from the top right and select Options from the subsequent drop-down.

    accelo.connecting to exchange options

  3. The options page will open on default to the Account section. Click the Settings for POP or IMAP access link.

  4. A pop-up will then open with the server name that should be entered into the field on the Accelo integrations page. 

    accelo.connect to exchange find your server


To locate this server if you're using Outlook:

  1. Navigate to the Tools menu > Account Settings.

  2. Select your email address from the list and click the Change button above the list.

  3. Copy the Server Name from the Microsoft Exchange Server field.  
    Note - If you do not have a POP3 account and do not see the server information on your Change E-mail Account page, you may need to click More Setting > Connection > Change Proxy Settings where you will find your Server Details.

Now that you've gotten your Exchange account connected, you'll want to set up email capture and a couple of email routing rules.

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