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The content in this guide is currently being revised to align with the new user interface. Some text and images may be outdated.

Google Workspace


Connecting your Accelo account via the Google Workspace Marketplace provides real-time benefits of calendar, contact and email integration.

Using the Google Workspace guides, you can:

Benefits of Using Google Workspace:

With proper integration, you can perform work seamlessly between your Gmail and your Accelo account.

  • Your users won't need to remember a separate login for Accelo, and instead use Google's authentication systems to log in.

  • Your users can easily access your Accelo account by simply clicking on Accelo in the top of their Mail, Calendar or other Google Workspace window.

  • Your administrator can instantly connect all user accounts in your domain, quickly and easily, instead of requiring each user to connect their own account to Google one at a time.

If you set up your Google Workspace when your administrator set up your Accelo account, then this integration may already be enabled. Check your Integrations page to confirm. 

If you are not using Google Workspace, then your Single Sign-On, Staff Contact Sync and the Gadget will not be available to you.

Note - If you signed up via the Google Marketplace then your Accelo and Google accounts are automatically connected, and many of these features are enabled by default.

Understand what information syncs between Accelo and Google


Accelo Field

Google Field

Email Subject


Email Body




Email "TO" Recipients

"TO" recipients

Email "CC" Recipients

"CC" recipients

Email "BCC" Recipients

"BCC" recipients

Calendar Events

Accelo Field

Google Field

Meeting Subject


Meeting Body


Start Date & Time

Start Date & Time

End Date & Time

End Date & Time



Attendee Email Addresses


 NOTE: Changing a Calendar Event's visibility in Accelo (such as a confidential/secret meeting) will also change that Event's visibility in Gmail.


Accelo Field

Google Field

First Name

First Name

Middle Name

Middle Name

Last Name

Last Name

Company Name

Company Name


Job Title

Company Phone

Main Phone Number

Contact Mobile

Mobile Phone Number

Contact Phone

Work Phone Number



Address Line 1

Street Address Line 1

Address Line 2

PO Box

Address City


Address State


Address Zipcode

ZIP code

Address Title

Address Label

Address Country



Labels: "AffinityLive"



Accelo Field

Google Field

Task Title


Task Description


Planned Due Date

Due Date



Adding the Gmail Add-on

There are two different methods to add the Gmail Add-on for Accelo:

  1. Individual Installation - This method is for users who are connecting to Gmail on one-off situations, rather than via the Gsuite Connection. 

  2. Domain Installation - Combined with the Gsuite Connection, this allows Admins of Google Domains to provide the Add-On for all of their Users.

NOTE: Not all options will show for all Users, but if you are Google Domain Admin, these will be the options show when adding the Add-On at

Accelo for Gmail 2

While the Domain Install will pull Deployment details via your Gsuite Connection to Accelo, when doing the Individual Installation there are a few additional steps to the process.

Once the Add-On is installed and is showing on your toolbar, you’ll need to click on any email in order to open the Add-On:

 accelo 122323

You’ll then be asked to type in your deployment details:

 accelo 45687

You’ll then be prompted to connect to your Accelo Deployment, and afterward to Log Into Accelo which will establish the connection. (This process may be done automatically if you’re already signed into the Accelo Deployment).

Now you’re finished! Any emails you click on will attempt to pull details from your Accelo Deployment regarding the Company/Contact and Object (Ticket, Project, etc.) that the message is against:

 test user 21313

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