G Suite

Connecting your Accelo account via the G Suite Marketplace provides real-time benefits of calendar, contact and email integration.

Using the G Suites' guides, you can:


Benefits of Using G Suite:

With proper integration, you can perform work seamlessly between your Gmail and your Accelo account.

  • Your users won't need to remember a separate login for Accelo, and instead use Google's authentication systems to log in.

  • Your users can easily access your Accelo account by simply clicking on Accelo in the top of their Mail, Calendar or other G Suite window.

  • Your administrator can instantly connect all user accounts in your domain, quickly and easily, instead of requiring each user to connect their own account to Google one at a time.

If you set up your G Suite when your administrator set up your Accelo account, then this integration may already be enabled. Check your Integrations page to confirm. 

If you are not using G Suite, then your Single Sign-On, Staff Contact Sync and the Gadget will not be available to you.

Note - If you signed up via the Google Marketplace then your Accelo and Google accounts are automatically connected, and many of these features are enabled by default.

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