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Integrating Accelo with Mailchimp

The Mailchimp integration empowers your marketing team to send more targeted email campaigns by using the robust contact information that you're tracking in Accelo.  

Using the Mailchimp Contacts integration guide, you can:

Connecting your Accelo and Mailchimp Accounts

 To connect your Mailchimp account to Accelo, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your Integrations page.  This can be found in the dropdown menu after clicking on your User Profile Icon, which is located in the top right-hand corner of every page in Accelo.

    integrations link5
  2. Select the Mailchimp tab, and click Connect your deployment to Mailchimp.

    mailchimp disconnected
  3. Log in to your Mailchimp account. You're all done!

    mailchimp login



Enabling and Disabling the Integration

The Mailchimp integration can be dynamically enabled and disabled. This makes it easy to temporarily disable the integration while you make important updates, such as changing your Sync Rules and updating your contacts in Accelo.

contact sync2

  • Enabled: Allows contacts to sync with Mailchimp automatically.

  • Disabled: Prevents all syncing of contacts with Mailchimp, both automatic and manual.  You can continue to update your Sync Rules and Default Audience while the integration is disabled.

The Mailchimp integration is automatically disabled when you first connect to allow you to configure it before contacts begin to sync.


Sync Rules

Sync rules help you to define exactly which contacts should sync with Mailchimp, ensuring that your email campaigns are accurately targeted to your prospects and customers.   

To begin configuring your sync rules, simply click the Edit Sync Rules button

sync rules2

To add an additional rule, click Add new rule.

add rule2

Rules can be created based on any built-in or custom fields relevant to your Companies and Contacts.  You can also create as many rules as you need.


Some common rules that Accelo recommends using are:

  • Company Status: Exclude your vendors and inactive clients.

    mailchimp rule company status2

  • Contact Status: Exclude your individual, inactive contacts.

    mailchimp rule contact status3

  • Contact Name: Only sync contacts that have a first and last name set to ensure that you can personalize your email campaigns.

    mailchimp rule contact names


Important Notes

  • A contact must satisfy all existing rules before it is synced with Mailchimp for the first time.

  • A contact that has previously been synced with Mailchimp will not require any rules to be satisfied before it syncs updated information.

  • If a contact is linked to multiple companies, a separate contact is created in Mailchimp for each company link.


Push all Contacts to Mailchimp in Bulk

The Mailchimp integration automatically syncs all contacts with Mailchimp, making it easy for you to keep your contacts up to date.  That sync is done one at a time, reviewing and pushing each contact.  Sometimes, however, you may need to skip the line, and push all of your contacts at once.  The Manual Sync tool makes it easy to do that.

mailchimp manual pushTo push all of your contacts to Mailchimp at once, simply click the Push button.

The manual push still checks your sync rules, and only syncs contacts that satisfy all of those rules.


What Information Syncs with Mailchimp?

Improve your email campaign statistics by increasing their accuracy and making your content more personal by syncing your Accelo contacts with Mailchimp. The sync is push only, meaning that contact data is only pushed from Accelo to Mailchimp. New and updated contacts are not pulled in from Mailchimp.

The Mailchimp integration syncs the following data:

Accelo Field                                     

MailChimp Field

Email Address

Email Address

Campaign Communication: Yes                  

Status: Subscribed

Campaign Communication: No

Status: Unsubscribed

Contact Tags


First Name


Last Name


Phone Number


Mobile Number




Contact Status


Company Name


Company Status


Important Notes:

  • Accelo will create new Audience and Merge Fields in Mailchimp if the field does not already exist for your Default Audience.

  • The Campaign Communication field in Accelo will not re-subscribe contacts which have previously been unsubscribed in Mailchimp.

Default Audience

Mailchimp makes it easy to segment and track all of your contacts into separate lists using Audiences.  Audience is often referred to as a "List."  The Mailchimp integration allows you to separate your Accelo contacts from your other contacts by syncing with a single, default Audience.

default audienceTo select your default audience, use the Default Audience field to select it.

If you're not seeing your Audience listed, click the Import Audiences button to import them from Mailchimp.


Important Notes

  • Accelo can only sync contacts with one Audience at a time.

  • A default Audience must be selected before contacts can be synced with Mailchimp.

  • If your default Audience is deleted in Mailchimp, then the integration will be automatically disabled and you'll need to select a new default in Accelo.


How does Mailchimp handle duplicate Contacts?

When Contacts are added or imported to a single Audience into Mailchimp, Mailchimp will automatically scan for any duplicates, based on email address. If it finds a duplicated Contact that already exists, then Mailchimp will prevent the addition/import of that new Contact. 

For more information on how Mailchimp handles duplicate Contacts, click here.

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