Integrating your Office 365 and Accelo Accounts

The Office 365integration is currently available as a part of a beta trial.  To access the integration, please contact 

Accelo's Office 365 integration makes it easy for you and your team to stay up to date by syncing all of your work automatically. 

Using the Office 365 integration guide, you can:

Connecting your Accelo and Office 365 accounts

 To connect your Office 365 account to Accelo, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your Integrations page.  This can be found in the dropdown menu after clicking on your User Profile Icon, which is located in the top right-hand corner of every page in Accelo.

    integrations link4
  2. Click the Office 365 tab, and click Connect your deployment to Office 365.

    coneect o365

  3. Log in to your Office 365 account.  You're all done!


Syncing your incoming and outgoing emails with Accelo

 Connecting your Office 365 account allows you to automatically sync your Office 365 emails with Accelo.  The integration will automatically sync emails in your Inbox and Sent Items folders with Accelo.

To begin syncing your email, simply enable these two settings:

o365 email


  • Email Incoming Sync: Syncs emails from your Inbox folder in Office 365 with Accelo.
  • Email Outgoing Sync: Syncs emails from your Sent Items folder in Office 365 with Accelo.

How often does Accelo sync emails?

Accelo syncs new emails every 15 minutes.

What if I have sensitive emails that I don't want to sync?

Accelo offers a robust set of email privacy tools to ensure that your private messages remain private.  Check out our email privacy guide for more information.

Where can I view my emails in Accelo?

Accelo will automatically store your emails under the relevant company and contact, in their Stream.  The easiest way to view all of your messages is via the Inbox.


Syncing your Office 365 calendar with Accelo

Bill your clients for all of your meetings, ensure that your schedule is accurate when planning new projects and never miss another meeting using the calendar sync.  The calendar sync will pull all of your meetings and appointments from Office 365, displaying them on your schedule in Accelo and automatically linking client meetings to the relevant company and contact.

To enable the calendar sync, simply switch the Calendar Sync setting on.

o365 calendarWhere can I view my calendar?

Accelo will automatically store your meetings under the relevant company and contact.  You can view your full schedule in the My Schedule tool.

What does Accelo do with internal meetings?

Internal meetings, or meetings which only include you (such as reminders you've created for yourself) will be imported as External Events.  External Events are only visible to you, but can be easily converted into meetings which you can log your notes and time for.  Check out our guide to External Events for more information.

Can I schedule meetings from Accelo?

Yes!  Simply create a Meeting in Accelo with your clients and colleagues as normal, and it will appear in your Office 365 calendar.

How often does Accelo sync with my calendar?

Accelo syncs your calendar every fifteen minutes.


Syncing your contacts with Accelo

 The Contact sync makes it easy to keep your contact records in sync between Accelo and Office 365, and with your colleagues.  The sync is bi-directional, automatically syncing all new and updated contacts between your Accelo and Office 365 accounts.

When enabled, the contact sync will automatically begin syncing contacts in Accelo with Office 365 as they're created or updated.  

Accelo will automatically import all contacts from Office 365 which match an existing Accelo contact, and sync updates to their information moving forward.  Contacts are matched based on their First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Company Name.

To enable the calendar sync, simply switch the Contact Sync setting on.

o365 contactsWhat contact information syncs between Accelo and Office 365?

The contact sync includes the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Salutation/Title
  • Comments

How can I sync my contacts with my colleagues?

The contact sync automatically syncs all new and updated contacts with all users who have enabled the contact sync, ensuring that all users have access to the same contacts in Accelo and in Office 365.

How often does Accelo sync my contacts?

Contacts are synced in real-time.


Syncing your tasks with Accelo

 The task sync makes it easy to keep track of your work both in and out of Accelo by pushing all of the tasks assigned to you in Accelo to Office 365.

To enable the sync of tasks, simply switch the Task Sync setting to on.

o365 contacts2What information is included in the task sync?

The task sync includes the following task details:

  • Title of the task
  • Description of the task
  • Due date
  • Status (complete or incomplete)

Can I create tasks in Office 365 and push them to Accelo?

No.  The task sync does not pull new tasks in from Office 365.

How often does Accelo sync my tasks?

Tasks are synced every 15 minutes.

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