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Managing Client Portal Permissions

Allow or Restrict your client’s access to see their project, contract, service and account in order to improve transparency and help clients help themselves. Your Client Portal allows your clients to track projects in real-time, make issue requests, review selected documents, and send documents for approval, but all features may not be relevant to each client.

Using this guide, you can:


Managing Permissions

By Default, each Client Portal is disabled.

To grant one of your clients access to their Client Portal, you must first enable access. This is done to ensure that your clients only have transparency once you set up what you wish to share.

Enable your Client Portal.


Accelo’s Permission Priority System

Once enabled, the Default Global Client Permissions are activated. These permissions apply to all clients/companies unless you specify more specific permissions.

Client Portal permissions are prioritized based upon the Permission Type. The highest priority permissions will override all other permission levels.  

The Permission Priorities are numbered, with Default Global Permissions influencing all other permission levels, while Object specific will influence no other permission level but its own.

For instance, if your project, ticket, sale or retainer (ie - the Object ) has no specific permissions set, then the system will check the Company/Client Group permissions. If there are no Company/Client Group permissions, it will check Company/Client Specific permissions, and so on, until it finds a level where the permissions are specified.


Permission Types

Permission level hierarchy is defined as follows:

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