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Import Project Templates from CSV File

When you set up a project in Accelo, you can define a project plan which consists of one or more project milestones and tasks. An admin user can create a pick-list of project templates by configuring individual project templates with milestones and tasks. However, to save time, you could import a file which lists out your project's milestones and tasks.

To import a Project Template from a CSV into Accelo:

  1. Ensure that the Project Template is properly saved as a .CSV file. The name of your .CSV file will be the title of the Project Template in your Accelo deployment.

    1. To automatically indent items in the Project Plan once it is imported into Accelo, add a before each indented item on the CSV. Add additional indents to nest milestones, sub-milestones, and/or tasks as needed on your project template.

      pasted image 1

      You can also:

      - Define the budget in your .CSV as "Fixed Price."
      - Define the Service Item (Item Code) for milestones and tasks in your .CSV.
      - Define Tags and Skills in your .CSV.

    2. Also, to ensure Tasks are brought into Accelo as Tasks and not Milestones, include an extra field titled Is Task Template on the CSV.

      For Milestones, fill in the Is Task Template field with No. For Tasks, fill in the field with Yes (see above screenshot).

    3. To pull in budgeting information on the task and milestone levels, you can import rates in your .CSV file as well. The “Rate” field on your import will take in the Rate Title of the rates that are already existing in your Accelo deployment.

      NOTE: listing numerical values in the rate will not pull over into the project template budgeting.

  2. In your deployment, click on the Configuration gear in the bottom left corner to access the Configuration page.

  3. On the Configuration Page, find the Import & Export tab, then select Import Data.

    Import Data 3

  4. On the Import Data page, scroll down to the CSV Import: Project (Phase/Template) section, then click the Import button.

    CSV Import Project 2

  5. This will direct you to a page where you will be prompted to upload your Project Plan CSV. To do so, click the Upload CSV File button, then select the file.

  6. On the following page, you’ll have an opportunity to select the CSV Fields that you wish to import into Accelo. This way, if certain fields contain no data or aren’t as critical for the import, they can be ignored.

    To choose the Fields you wish to bring into Accelo, simply drag and drop them into the Milestone & Task Template section.


    NOTE: When dragging the Fields over, make sure to order the fields how you wish for them to appear in the project plan (from left-to-right)

  7. When all the Fields you wish to import have been dragged over, click Next.

  8. On the Milestone & Task Template Fields, you can ensure the fields in Accelo will contain similar terminology as the primary fields from the CSV. Simply click the dropdowns next to each CSV field to map to the corresponding field when the import is complete.


  9. When complete, click Next.

  10. On the Mandatory & Manual Fields page, select a Fallback Value for any required fields.

    NOTE: A Fallback Value is the value that will be set on import when there is no value found in the provided CSV.

  11. Click Next.

  12. Finally, you will be able to see a preview of all of the Project Plan fields being imported into Accelo. If everything looks good, click the Complete button.

    Complete button2

  13. When the import is complete, a notification email will be sent. The Project Plan will then appear in your Project Plan list.

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