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The content in this guide is currently being revised to align with the new user interface. Some text and images may be outdated.

Add Important Dates To Your Projects (Premium)

Manage your deadlines and goals for each stage of your Project through our Key Dates.

Using this guide, you can:


Select Important Dates for each Project Type

Track all the important dates on your Projects by selecting from 6 Core Dates or by creating your own as a Custom Field. Choose from estimated and/or actual important dates that make sense for each stage of your Project and these will be displayed on the left hand side of your Project as well as on your Project list screen. 

Key Dates overview

Key Dates Project List


You may select the Important Dates that make sense for each Project Type you have in your Admin Configurations. Dates can also be updated through your Progressions. 

Key Dates Project type


Choose the custom date fields you want to see as you work


Available Dates

  • Commenced/Start: Add this Core Date to ensure the Date your Project Commenced/Started is in view.
  • Completed/Due: Add this Core Date to ensure the Date your Project was Completed/Due is in view.
  • Created: Add this Core Date to ensure the Date your Project was created is in view.
  • Key Date: This Key Date can be determined by you! Enable this selection to choose from any Custom Date Fields that you have created, to add onto the Project Overview Key Date section.
  • Planned Due: Add this Core Date to ensure the Due Date as set on your Project Plan is in view. 
  • Planned Start: Add this Core Date to ensure the Projects Planned Start Date is in view.
  • Custom Date Fields: Enable Core Date to select from any of the Custom Date Fields that you have already created for this Project Type listed in this area.


Pick a date field that will be your key date for each status

Too many dates can clutter up your view. Select the Key Dates you would like to track at each phase of your Project. For example, choose to display the Approved Date while your Project in the Active Stage to have that always in view while you work or the Client Delivery Date when the Project has been Completed. 

Key Dates Statuses


No Value set Key Dates


Easily view when a Date value has not been selected on any Important Date Field.





Highlighted Key Dates


Dates mapped onto the Status are highlighted so you may easily locate the Important Dates important to you at any given point of the Project. 




Our goal is to make sure you know exactly where a Project is - and where it has been. Tracking these dates over time, can help forecast potential delays in Project Delivery and allow you to take the necessary steps.


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