Configuring the PDF Layout

Looking to have this Purchase Order be presentable to your Vendors/ Suppliers? Let's take a look at setting up a PDF Purchase Order and template it out to save time in the future. 

Using this guide, you can:


Get a PDF Purchase Order Template Overview

When you create a PDF Purchase Order Template, you also have to build a template for how to present this information to the Vendor. Once you build the template out, creating purchase orders for Vendors will be a relatively simple and short process. 

Below is a brief Example of a PDF Purchase Order Template. You'll notice quite a few Merge Fields that will automatically populate based on the Object the purchase order is being created against. These Merge Fields can be added almost anywhere into the Purchase Order on the right side of the screen, allowing you to format the entire PDF to your specifications, saving you time in the future!




To start, you have two simple settings to choose based on your preferences. 


  1. Purchase Order Font: Choose the Font you would like the invoice to be in. 
  2. Select Theme: Choose different colors for each major header.



There are a few options to template the Items that will appear on the purchase order.

Item Options

  1. Show quantity: Show the amount of items that were added.
  2. Show rate per unit: Show the price of each of the item.
  3. Show amount: Show amount for the total quantity being ordered.
  4. Show tax code: Show the tax code for the items included.
  5. Show tax amount: Show the amount of tax for the items included. 
  6. Show total: Show totals for the full quantity including tax for per item.
  7. Show material code: Show material code for the items included. 


File Name

When this type of Purchase Order is created, you can choose to use a general File Name for each Purchase Order or customize it. 

File Name

  1. File Name: You can choose the title of the File Name. 


Merge Fields

Use the Merge Fields to insert specific information about your company, the client's company, or the purchase order itself into the PDF. These will be automatically filled in for each purchase order you make. 

Merge Fields

Click on the Merge Field to copy it to your clipboard so you can easily paste it into the purchase order PDF template.

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