Customize Your Sales Process

Shape Accelo to match your Sales needs. Customize your unique sales progressions so that it matches the sales process that you have perfected over the years.

Using the Sales setup guides, you can understand and configure:


Your Sales Configuration

Quickly change the name of your Sales Module - i.e., to Opportunities or Campaigns -  or set your next Sale ID #.

To configure your Sales Module name, click on the Module Button, and choose Configuration from the drop-down list.


Select the Sales tab and choose Settings. To customize your features or Custom Fields, click Progressions & Fields.

Sales Settings

Your Configuration Options


Customize the probability your team will convert a prospect to a sale.

NOTE: An Administrator can configure the Sales module via the Configuration page. Use the sub-navigation on this page to learn about the different business process configurations you can make.

Custom Fields

Add fields of data that contribute to your reporting and filters specific to your Sales Module. Custom Fields are unique to Sales Types

Sales Types

Segment your Sales by different types, such as a unique products/service provided, and configure a unique sale process for each prospect types.

Edit Statuses

Define a broad set of sales stages across all sales types, without needing to create a status for each type.


Define your sales process for each sales type. A progression allows you to progress the sales status, which can trigger some next step actions, such as an automated email or updated value.

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