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Manager Dashboard


Purpose of the Manager Dashboard

Keep track of all the work and staff you manage in one place. Access your module specific statistics quickly and easily, as well as the stats of the staff you manage.

How to get to your Manager Dashboard

To navigate to your Manager Dashboard, hover over the Dashboard icon in the top menu and click on Manager Dashboard.

Manager Dashboard 3

My Companies

 Monitor the status and activity on all the Companies you manage, including the amount of work you've done on each activity by hours, and the amount of revenue from each company. Click the New Company button to add a new company to the system.

My Companies Manager Dashboard

My Sales

Track the Sales you manage, including their value, probability, and activities. Sort your Sales by Most Activity, Creation Date, Due Date, Rating, and Value.

My Sales Manager Dashboard

My Projects

Gain high-level insights on the projects you manage, including budget usage and hours remaining to complete. Switch between the Budget and Due tabs to see how many days before a project is due, as well as the number of hours remaining in the project’s budget.

My Projects Manager Dashboard

Staff I Manage

See quick stats on the staff you manage, including hours they have logged this week, yesterday, or today, and the percentage of billable hours they’ve worked. Click the A - Z button to view your staff alphabetically.

New User Staff I manage 1

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