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Keeping Your Messages Private

Want to securely capture emails from G Suite or Office 365?


Email can become a pain point for many businesses. With no centralized place for client communication, it is easy for important conversations to get lost. With Accelo’s automatic email capture system, all of your important emails with clients get captured and stored alongside the work you are doing for them. This powerful and transparent system brings your focus back to your work, ensuring no conversation gets lost. While capturing all client communication is the goal, we know there are conversations that need to remain private. Take a look at how our email capture system works and how to keep private conversations from being captured.

Using this guide, you can understand:


How Email Capture Works

Accelo's automatic email capture system automatically records and displays email sent to or from your Accelo Contacts.  Whether you are communicating directly from inside of Accelo or from your email client:

Accelo will capture: 

  • Incoming emails and attachments from contacts in Accelo.
  • Outgoing emails and attachments to contacts in Accelo.

Accelo will not capture:

  • Outgoing emails sent to contacts outside of Accelo.

  • Internal emails that are NOT part of a client email chain.

NOTE: We recommend that you do NOT enter your Accelo users as contacts within your Accelo CRM database. One reason is this can result in private / internal emails to be collected automatically.

Privacy Controls

We know how important privacy is. That is why there are multiple places you can access privacy controls as well as different levels of privacy to fit every need.

Privacy controls are available:

  • In User Preferences
  • On Individual Activities
  • For specific user-client relationships
  • With email keywords

Set User Preferences

Each user can set their default privacy settings by clicking on the user icon in the upper right corner. Select Preferences and then Privacy, Email & Activity Preferences

There are four options for default email privacy here:

  • Selective: All activities (emails, notes, meetings etc…) are visible to all users. You can still adjust for individual activities & relationships (Default).

  • All Activities Confidential: The content in any activities that you create or receive will be hidden from other users.

  • All Contact Activities Confidential: The content in any activities that you create or receive AND are sent to or from a contact will be hidden from other users.

  • All Contact Emails Confidential: All emails (sent & received) from a contact will have content hidden. This only affects emails not other activity types.  


Set Privacy for Individual Activities

Within Accelo, an Activity refers to internal notes, external emails, meetings, calls, etc. that users log to keep track of business. You can change the privacy setting for any activity by looking for the Visibility button (lock on bottom right corner) and choosing a privacy option.

  • Default: Activity will follow your User Default Visibility Preferences.

  • All: Activity Subject and Body will be viewable to all users.

  • Confidential: Activity will be visible to users. Activity Subject and Body content will be hidden and labeled Confidential.

  • Secret: Activity will not be visible to users.

    Activity Privacy GIF

Create Relationships:

Relationships are configured for contacts to control how emails between you and your contact are displayed.

NOTE: Relationships are not applied retroactively. This change will only affect future activities.

To set up relationships:

  1. Open a Contact or Company page. On left side locate Contact / Company Details
  2. Click the + next to privacy to add a relationship. 

    Add Relationship 2
  3. Select an entire company or a specific contact to create a relationship as well as the relationship type.
    1. Confidential Relationship: Hides the content of Activities, but continues to inform users that a Confidential Activity occurred on the date of the Activity between you and the client.
    2. Secret Relationship: Completely hides all trace of an Activity from other users
  4. Select a specific user or user group for the relationship to apply. 


To read more about configuring these private relationships, visit Managers & Relationships.

Note: Relationships are not applied retroactively. Changes will only take effect for newly created activities.


Privacy Keywords

Privacy keywords are special words and phrases that can be included in emails which you send outside of Accelo.  When syncing your email into Accelo, these keywords will cause Accelo to automatically identify your email as confidential or secret, ensuring that emails sent outside of Accelo can be accurately confined.  Further details on those key words and phrases can be found in our Privacy Keywords Guide.


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