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Handling Disputes

A dispute occurs when a customer is unsatisfied or unfamiliar with a payment charged to their card, and requests that their credit card company remove the charge. Disputes are also referred to as a “charge back”.

Using this guide, you can understand:

  • When a dispute has occurred
  • How to respond to a dispute 


How do I Know When a Dispute Occurs?

When a dispute occurs, you’ll be notified via email. The message will be sent to the email address associated with your Payrix merchant account.

The dispute details will then appear in the Disputes section of the Payrix portal.  l

How to Handle a Dispute

When a dispute occurs, you’ll have the opportunity to respond by either providing the requested refund, or providing compelling evidence to validate the transaction. That evidence includes copies of your contract, emails and the invoice itself.  To submit evidence and track the status of your dispute, head to the Disputes section of the Payrix portal.  The final determination is made by the customer’s credit card company, based on the evidence provided by both sides.  

For best practices for handling payment disputes, refer to the Payrix documentation at 

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