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Email Marketing Campaigns

The Campaigns module has been deprecated, and is not available in new Accelo accounts.

Run your email marketing campaigns within Accelo, whether you are sending updates, newsletters and/or other one-to-many campaigns to the contacts in your Accelo client database. Accelo Campaigns make it easier than ever to stay in touch and grow your business.

Using this guide, you can:

What is a Campaign?

Your Campaigns house all of the direct marketing emails you send your clients, your Communications are each email you send clients, and the Target Markets which are contacts who receive these communications.

  • Campaign  - Overall idea/group for a series of email communications e.g. "2013 Client Newsletters." Inside your campaign, you have as many Communications as you want and all your Contact Targets used in your Communications.

  • Communications -  Your individual message templates which are sent to a Campaign's Target list. Campaigns typically consist of several Communications. For example, a "2013 Client Newsletters" Campaign would likely have twelve annual Communications including "January Newsletter," “February Newsletter," etc.

  • Targets - Contacts you've noted to receive communication within your Campaign by adding them to your Target List from your contact database.

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