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Create a Campaign

The Campaigns module has been deprecated, and is not available in new Accelo accounts.

Utilize your sales database to create targeted marketing messages based on built-in and customized fields. Combine the power of email marketing, marketing automation, and sales/CRM automation. Send newsletters, design beautiful email campaigns, and keep in touch with your contacts and customers.

Using this guide, you can:

Start a Campaign

Start a new email marketing campaign from within Accelo is as easy as pressing "Create" and adding a few details.

To set up a new campaign:

  1. Click the +Create button and choose Campaign from the dropdown.


  2. Enter the details associated with this campaign, including a title, manager (owner), the campaign's initial status as well as an optional start date and end date.

accelo.Add New Campaign 


Add Campaign Targets

Before you can set up a new campaign message to send out, you'll have to add Targets to your Campaign by searching through your contact list within Accelo.

To add Campaign Targets:

  1. On the View Campaign page, click the Targets drop-down and select the Add Contact Targets option.


  2. You can also easily add a Target list under the Communications tab.

  3. Search through your Accelo contact records one by one or via the Filter list button. 

    accelo.Edit Email Campaign Contact Targets

  4. Once you've located the records that you want to add to this campaign's target list, add them as campaign targets in a few ways: 

    accelo.Add Email Campaign Contact Targets

    - Add Selected Contacts - Only add the selected contacts as campaign targets. 
    - Add All Contacts - Add all contacts shown to be campaign targets. 
    - Exclude Selected Contacts - Remove the selected contacts from the current list of campaign targets.
    - Exclude All Contacts - Remove all contacts from the current list of campaign targets.

  5. After editing the targets, click on the Back to Campaign button in the top right corner to return to your campaign. You now have a campaign with some targets.

  6. Send out your messages to your targets by Creating a New Communication.


Filter Campaign Target List

Easily filter your target list using personal and behavioral data about your contacts, including if your client has unsubscribed.

To edit your campaign target list:

  1. On the View Campaign page, click the Targets drop-down and select the Edit Contact Targets option.


  2. All existing campaign targets will be displayed. In order to add new targets to the campaign, click Filter List.

    accelo.filter contacts 

  3. Un-check the Campaign option from the Filter List. You must deselect this Campaign since you want to look for Targets outside this Campaign.

    accelo.Edit Campaign Contact Targets

Configuration Recommendations - Filter out "Unsubscribe"

We recommend always applying the Communication field to prevent any contacts from receiving unwanted emails. If you have any contacts that have previously Unsubscribed to your messages, their Communication field will be set to No. New contacts in Accelo will automatically have their Communication set to Yes.

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