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The Campaigns module has been deprecated, and is not available in new Accelo accounts.

Easily draft and manage multiple email campaigns and send beautiful emails with our built-in email editor. 

Using this guide, you can:

Send a Direct Email Blast

Email Marketing from Accelo improves your customer engagement with features like our list management tools, so you can manage your subscribers with ease and build segments based on your own criteria. Our easy to use tools, including our communication builder, make email newsletter creation fun and easy. 

Read more about enabling direct email blast and choosing your plan under Pricing Plans & Send Campaigns From Your Domain.

Configure your Communication Details

After you've created your Campaign and chosen your Targets, you'll need to create the message to send your clients. A Communication is each message in a Campaign.

To configure your Communication Details:

  1. From your campaign, click the New Communication drop-down and and select Direct Email Blast.


  2. Enter details that are relevant to the new campaign communication and click Save.

    accelo.New Email Campaign Communication

    a) Edit Campaign Title - The title of the message; this will appear under the campaign's heading and be used in analytics, -so be sure to make it descriptive!
    b) Campaign Manager - The Accelo user who will be responsible for this communication.
    c) Campaign Recipients - Choose whether to use the current campaign targets as the targets of this message or to select new targets.
    d) Sending Platform - Confirm the platform you'll be using to send the message out.
    e) Email Subject - The email subject which will be applied to the outgoing message.
    f) Email From Name - The name that the message will appear as having come from.
    g) Email From Address - The email address which the message will appear as having come from.

    Note - If the Email From Address does not match an email address belonging to a staff member within your Accelo deployment (, you'll need to verify that you own this address via the Verify From Email Address button. This button will send a confirmation message with a link for you verify that email address.


Create your Email Marketing Message

Once you create the essential specs of your overall Communication, Edit your Email Details using Merge Fields, pictures, links, videos and easily add attachments.

To create the Communication Content:

  1. Under Email details, customize the look of the message by using our built-in WYSIWYG editor.

    accelo.Add Communication Email details

  2. Use Email Campaign Tools to add merge fields which you can use to customize the message for each recipient:

    [firstname] = Recipient's first name
    [lastname] = Recipient's last name
    [email] = Recipient's email address
    [company] = Recipient's company (also referred to as a Client within Accelo)
    [phone] = Recipient's main phone number

  3. Nonstandard English characters (such as ᖨ or ¿) are not included when using the above variable fields and will appear as a blank square.

    Example Character

    Works in: Subject


    Merge Field









  4. Each message requires an Unsubscribe link be provided for recipient. By default, Accelo will include this at the end of the message, but if you'd like to place it in a specific location or provide some context for it, you can add it by inserting a link, with the URL being "http://unsubscribe"

  5. Press the Save button to save your work.

  6. You can also use the Send Proof Email button to send a preview of the message to the sending email address which you've set this communication to be coming from. Note: You cannot send Proof Emails without having at least one Target listed in the Communication. 

Send your Email Message

There are two ways to send messages to the Target Lists you've outlined. To read more about creating Target Lists, read more about how to Add Campaign Targets.

  1. In the right column you can either send your message, or schedule to send it at a later date.

    a. Press the Send Email Now button to send the communication out immediately, or

    b. Select a date and press the Schedule email for sending button, in which the Communication will then be sent out at the time and date which you've selected.

    accelo.Send Email Campaign 

  2. Once the message has been sent, the Send Email area will be converted into statistics on your message.

    accelo.campaign statistics1


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