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Mail Merge and Direct Mail Campaigns

Need to boost your email campaigns & communications?

The Campaigns module has been deprecated, and is not available in new Accelo accounts.

Export your contact information from your Accelo account and send it out through a third party marketing platform for customizable and HTML formatted mail merge and email campaigns.

Using this guide, you can:

Use a Third-Party Mail Service

Export your customer data from our system and send your direct e-marketing campaigns through your chosen marketing platform. Please note - this is for any marketing platform other than MailChimp.

To create a Direct Mail (Mail Merge) campaign:

  1. View the campaign you wish to send.

  2. From your campaign, click the New Communication dropdown and and select the Direct Mail (Mail Merge) option. mail

  3. On the following page, you'll be prompted to enter details that are relevant to the new campaign communication. 

    Enter detail fields for your campaign: 

    Mail Campaign Title - The title of the message. 
    Campaign Manager - The Accelo user who will be responsible for this communication. 
    Campaign Recipients - Choose whether to use the current campaign targets as the targets of this message or to select new targets.

  4. Save the Communication, and you'll be prompted with a screen of the details that you want to export.

    accelo.export target list

  5. Check off all the different fields you want, hit the Export button,  and you will download a file with that information for your mail merge.

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