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Create Campaigns for MailChimp

The Mailchimp Campaigns integration has been deprecated.  Accelo recommends using the Mailchimp Contacts integration instead.

Combine the power of MailChimp’s entire suite of features - beautifully designed emails, A/B Testing, and detailed reports - with your Accelo Sales database to leverage your primary database with a powerful email marketing platform.  

Connecting your MailChimp and Accelo accounts

Connecting your MailChimp account to Accelo allows you to sync the target lists you create in Accelo with MailChimp, and track which of your contacts receives email campaigns.

To connect your MailChimp account:

  1. Open the Integration page by clicking your User Profile Icon in the Navigation Bar and selecting Integrations.


  2. Select the MailChimp tab,and press Connect.

    Mailchimp integration 2 

  3. A new window will appear prompting you to log in to your MailChimp account.  Enter your login information, press the Log In button, and the connection will be complete. 


  4. With your account connected, import your existing target lists from MailChimp, and select your default list.  

  • Import/Update MailChimp Lists Now - Imports your existing target lists from MailChimp to be used as options when selecting your default list.

  • Default List - The default list is where new target lists created in Accelo will be created in MailChimp.

Creating Target Lists in Accelo

Target lists are used to specifically target your email campaigns at the most accurate recipients, using details like their status as a client, zip code and last date of interaction.

Learn how to create a Target List.


Setup your Campaign within Accelo

Use your Target List to begin the setup of your Campaign within Accelo, and instantly find your MailChimp statistics on the stream of each Client page. 

Begin by setting up your campaign communication within Accelo, and finish editing and drafting your message within MailChimp. 

Create your list of targets in Accelo, and we will push that list to MailChimp. After creating the Communication, or your campaign message, you'll be taken to a screen with a link to the MailChimp campaign; on that page, create the message within MailChimp. Once you've sent the message, we'll track replies to it in Accelo.

To setup your Campaign within Accelo:

  1. Open your Campaign

  2. Click on New Communication in the menu bar and choose Email via Mailchimp. via mailchip 

  3. Enter details that are relevant to the new campaign communication.  These will be used to track the communication's details in Accelo.

accelo.create campaign for mail chimp
          • Edit Campaign Title - The title of the communication which will appear in Accelo; this will appear under the campaign's heading and be used in analytics, so be sure to make it descriptive! **
          • Campaign Manager - The Accelo user who will be responsible for this communication.
          • Campaign Recipients - Choose whether to use the campaign's existing targets for this communication, or select new targets.
          • Sending Platform - Confirm the platform you'll be using to send the message.
          • MailChimp List - The target list in MailChimp which your targets will be pushed to. 
          • *Email Subject - The email subject which you'll be using in MailChimp.
          • *Email From Name - The name of the person which the email will be sent on behalf of.
          • *Email From Address - The email address which the message will appear as having come from. 
        • *These fields are only tracked in Accelo.


Once you save this campaign communication, your list of targets will be sent over to MailChimp. Edit your message in MailChimp and send it out to your list of targets.

Note -  If you use an address other than the one listed under your Accelo user account, you'll need to verify the email address with MailChimp before it can be used.


Complete your setup within MailChimp

Easily log in and review your campaign details before sending it out to your MailChimp targets, ensuring an accurate and perfectly formatted campaign message. 

Once you have set up your campaign, added some targets, and saved the campaign, the campaign details and your Accelo target list will be pushed to MailChimp. Log in and review the campaign before it is sent out to your targets. 

accelo.edit Campaigns MailChimp

There are a few things to note about your campaign that were automatically created by Accelo:

Campaign and Sender

The Campaign and Sender sections are populated by Accelo - you should review it to confirm you have your desired email subject, the from address, and the reply-to address. Use the Edit button on the right-hand side if you need to make any changes.

accelo.mailchimp Campaign Builder


It is very important that you edit the content of your email.

Your campaign will not be formatted unless you Edit.

The default content will just be a string of HTML text created by Accelo reading, "Please update this campaign with your own content." When you edit the content, you can select one of your customizable email templates and add more headings, sections, text, and images.

accelo. mailchimp html editor


Your recipients are added automatically based on the Targets linked to your campaign action in Accelo.

The text in italics is your Accelo Subscriber list, and just below this you can see any of the contact segments in this list. In most cases, you will just see one segment, which is named according to the name of the campaign action from Accelo, and the number of targets that were pushed across.

To edit the recipients, you have a few options:

  1. Update the targets on the campaign action in Accelo: This will automatically update the subscriber list and set the correct segments in MailChimp. Remember that the campaign action targets need to first be targets on the campaign.

  2. Update the subscriber list and segment info in MailChimp:  To do this, go to Lists & Subscribers in the MailChimp menu and then open the Accelo Subscriber list. You can then add more subscribers via the "Add new subscribers" button.

To view all subscribers on a campaign from the Target list screen, click the Segments dropdown, and then select the segment that matches your campaign. The list should then be filtered to display the subscribers for your campaign. 

accelo.edit recipients mailchimp

MailChimp Integration Notes

  • One-Way - The relationship between Accelo and MailChimp is only one-way. This means that if you manipulate any of the subscriber details within MailChimp, they won't push those changes back to Accelo. It may help to think of Accelo as the draft where you make your changes and edit the targets and regard MailChimp as the final version that gets sent out. If you need to make changes to a contact or to the targets on the campaign, head back to Accelo to make the changes.
  • Unsubscribing - Unsubscribing from a list in MailChimp will unsubscribe the contact in Accelo.  The Unsubscribe is tracked via the "Communication" tab, tracking whether marketing communications with that contact are allowed.
  • Deleted - Once you have pushed your targets across to MailChimp, be careful how you treat your campaign targets in Accelo. If you remove a contact from the campaign target list, MailChimp will consider them to be "Unsubscribed" and will ignore these email addresses and not send future campaigns to these contacts.
  • Emails only - When connecting to MailChimp, Accelo will only push targets with email addresses. If you have 100 targets in Accelo and only 98 of them in MailChimp service, check to see that they all have email addresses. If they all do, then check to see if some are on the unsubscribe list in MailChimp. MailChimp will also ignore targets with duplicate email addresses.
  • Time - It can take time to push the contact list across to MailChimp. it will always sync the targets correctly but please keep in mind that it's not instant if you are editing them.


Track your Campaign Results

Easily track which clients and contacts have received email campaigns, keeping your sales and marketing teams on the same page, and see the statistics of your email campaigns, helping your team turn positive results into new sales opportunities. 

Track the results of your campaign on the View Communication page under the Statistics heading.

accelo.campaign statistics 

These statistics need to be refreshed using the Refresh button to see live data from MailChimp.

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