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Pricing Plans & Sending Email Campaigns from your Domain

The Campaigns module has been deprecated, and is not available in new Accelo accounts.

Run your marketing and sales campaigns straight from Accelo and send communication directly from your domain. Send out one-to-many campaigns to the contacts in your Accelo client database, making it easier than ever to stay in touch and grow your business!

Using this guide, you can:

Enable Direct Marketing Email Campaigns

Before you start sending email campaigns within Accelo, you must accept our Terms and service and fill in your general details. You can do this easily from the Campaign Settings Page under Configuration > Campaigns > Settings

accelo. campaign settings General Configuration 

Fill in your contact details under Enable Email Campaigns and accept Accelo's Terms of Service, in particular, section 3.12 which includes not using Accelo for spamming, uploading of purchased lists and other forbidden practices.

accelo.enable email campaigns1


Choosing your Monthly plan & Upgrade Settings

Once you have enabled email campaigns, you will see configurable options. Choose your email campaign plan and settings via the Campaigns Settings page. 

accelo.campaign email settings

Update the following information under your Campaign Configuration:

  • Monthly Plan - Choose your plan based on the volume of emails you wish to send each month. Read more under Monthly Plan Costs.

  • Monthly Quota Used - Find an overview of how many messages you've used so far this month. 

  • Upgrades - Choose how the system will behave when you reach the end of the messages you've paid for that month.  Your two options:
                 1) Suspend Emails -  Prevent sending additional email campaigns during the month if meet your Monthly Quota, or
                 2) Automatically Upgrade (default) - Choose to automatically upgrade your account to the appropriate tier if you go beyond your Monthly Quota. Your monthly charges will be changed moving forward, and you will need to manually update your Monthly Plan if you do not wish to remain in the updated tier.

  • Delivery Domain - By default, the system sends out these messages using the domain.  This appears to campaign recipients as coming from "YOURNAME via".  If you have administrative access to your domain and would like to have your domain appear instead of ours, please read more under How to Send Campaigns from your Domain.

Monthly Plan Costs

Easily choose your Monthly Plan from a drop-down list on your Campaign Settings page.

accelo.Choose Monthly Plan 
Billing is based on the volume of messages you wish to send within your Email Campaigns each month. You will be auto-billed at the beginning of each month along with your subscription. 

Number of Emails


0 - 200


201 - 2000


2001 - 5000


5001 - 10,000


10,001 - 20,000


20,001 - 30,000


30,001 - 40,000


40,001 - 50,000


50,001 - 60,000


60,001 - 70,000


70,001 - 80,000


80,001 - 90,000


90,0001 - 100,000


Note - These plans are invoiced for monthly and can be increased or reduced at any time.


Sending Your Email Campaigns From Your Domain

By default, email campaigns sent from Accelo appear as coming from "SENDER'S NAME via". If you meet the below requirements, you can reach out to Accelo Support to finish setting up your own domain.

Requirements to use your own domain instead:

  • Have your privacy policy publicly available on your website

  • Have the ability to make some additions/changes to your domain's DNS records

To request your own domain: 

  1. Update your domain's DNS records to authorize Accelo to send those campaigns. Read more under Change your DNS Settings. 
  2. Email for your unique DNS records.  Be sure to include the subdomain and domain you've chosen to use and a link to your privacy policy.


Change your DNS Settings

To send your email campaigns from Accelo using your email domain, update your domain's DNS records to authorize Accelo to send those campaigns.  

The following guide to that process assumes that you have an available/unused subdomain:

Note - While any subdomain can be used, such as or, these subdomains are automatically blocked by many email services.  We recommend using the shortened EM subdomain to avoid that problem.

Required DNS Changes:






*This record is unique to every Accelo account.  Please contact to obtain your unique data.


*This record is unique to every Accelo account.  Please contact to obtain your unique data.


When you're ready to start the process, email us at for your unique DNS records.  Be sure to include the subdomain and domain you've chosen to use (the top row of the table) and a link to your privacy policy.

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