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Assign Work to your Team

The assign work tool offers a simple interface to quickly update your project's important details and assign your team work, keeping projects on track and on budget.

Using this guide, you can:


Assign Work in Bulk

The Assign Work tool can be used to assign your project's tasks to your team in bulk, saving your unnecessary overhead administrative work. 

To assign work in bulk:

  1. Open your project, and click the Tool > Assign Work button.
  2. Locate the desired task or milestone on the list.
  3. Use the Assignee box to select your desired assignee. This will instantly reassign that Task or Milestone to them.

    accelo.project assign work

Update the Status of Your Tasks and Milestones

Quickly update the status of your project's various tasks and milestones with the Assign Work tool. See all tasks and Milestones in a list view, with a status drop-down menu option. This can be especially helpful to quickly get all of your tasks Started at once when a client needs you to quickly start work on their project. 

To update the status of your work:

  1. Open your project, and click the Tool Option > Assign Work button. 
  2. Locate your desired task(s) or milestone(s), and use the Status button to select your updated status. 

change status


Update Your Project's Dates

Once your project begins, Accelo will automatically track the dates on which each task was begun and started, and will use those dates to determine whether your project is on schedule based on whether these dates match your original plan.  When you find yourself needing to adjust these dates, do it easily from the Assign Work screen.

To update project start and end dates:

  1. Open your project, and click Tool then Assign Work button
  2. Locate your desired task(s) or milestone(s), click the Start Date or Due Date as needed, and select your new date.

change dates 

Update Your Remaining Time Estimates

As you work on your projects, you'll often find that the original time estimates for your tasks need to updated to reflect changes to your original plan.  

To quickly update those time estimates:

  1. Open your project, and click Tool and then Assign Work button.
  2. Locate your desired task, click the Total Time (Est. Remaining), and enter your updated estimate, then click the check mark to save.

updated estimate

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