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Want to take your projects to the next level?

Get easier and faster approvals for your work and give your clients a place to make comments against attachments and work descriptions.

Using this guide, you can:


The Signoffs feature allows you to send one or more files to your client for review. Upload and send any type of file to any combination of Contacts at the Company/Client for approval. Your Clients are then able to view the files, comment on them prior to approval, and of course give their approval.  Once a file has been approved, changes to it are locked out to ensure integrity.

Signoffs are available in the Projects and Tickets Modules.

The Client Portal must be enabled, and your client will need to have been invited to access it before they can access the Sign-offs tool.


Create a Signoff

To begin setting up a new signoff:

  1. Open the Project or Ticket which the Signoff is relevant to.

  2. Choose The 3 Dots Menu then Signoff.


There are several aspects of a Sign-off which you'll want to fill in:

signoff blank2 

  • Subject & Request Body: These fields will appear in the initial email which is sent to the Contacts you'd like approval from, and will be listed on the Client Portal under the Sign-off request.  Rich text can only be included in the body.

  • Attachment: Either upload a new file, which will be retained in Accelo's file storage system, or choose a file that is already present in the file system.

    You can also drag files directly to this page to upload them.  

  • Contacts: Choose which Contacts you'd like to request approval from with the drop-down. By default, each Contact you send the Sign-off to will have their approval requested, but you can choose to send it to these contacts without requesting approval by simply clicking their name. 

    Clicking the 'x' next to their name will remove them as a Contact completely.

  • Save: Saves the work you've done on this Signoff as a draft, so that you can come back later.  The draft will be listed under the Project/Issue page, under the Signoffs tab.

  • Requires: Choose whether the approval process requires that all possible Approvers must approve the file, or if having any single person approve it is acceptable.

  • Expiry Date: Choose whether there's a date at which the approval request is no longer valid.

  • Billable Time: Log the time which you spent creating this Sign-off.  This time will appear as a Note created by you under the Project/Issue you're creating the Sign-off for.

  • Send Sign-off: Sends the Sign-off request to the Contacts' email, and lists it in their Client Portal view.

Delete a Signoff

Anyone with Admin status can delete a Signoff. To delete a Signoff:

  1. Navigate to the Signoff you wish to delete.

  2. On the View Signoff page, click the Delete Signoff button.

    Delete Signoff 4

    NOTE: When the Signoff is deleted, all the activities and comments against it are also deleted. Also, the attachments against the deleted Signoff are moved to the parent object.


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