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Retainer List

Find your Retainer data faster, easily search and filter information with power and ease and save filters to save time. Make sense of all of your retainer data with filtering and query tools, allowing you to download raw data in a spreadsheet format so that you can do your own analysis, calculations and generate reports with maximum freedom.

Using this guide, you can:


Retainer List

To bring up a list of all retainers, click the Modules button, and choose Retainers. Note - Retainer Periods are a separate option.  


By default, your Retainer List will only show active or pending retainers. Inactive retainers are hidden from the results, but you can click the Show Inactive button from the taskbar to easily include them.

Show Inactive Retainers


Filter Retainers 

Use the Filters buttons to refine your search. Easily search by different criteria for Status, Expiry, Type, Manager, Tags, or click More to see more refined and Custom Field options. Learn more about Filter options.

If you anticipate using this search filter frequently, easily save your search by clicking the Save As button.

List retainers save as 3

Once saved, you will find this filter under your Saved menu. If you choose to “share” your filter, your co-workers can also find this in their Quick Filter menu.


On the right side of the retainers listing, you will find some handy features:

  • Status - Easily progress the status of the Retainer by hovering over the status name and clicking it to reveal a drop-down menu.


  • More Options:
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      • Add Activity: Add an Activity to the Retainer.
      • Log Time: Log time against the Retainer.
      • Edit Retainer: Modify the Retainer.


Export Retainers

Export your Retainers into an Excel file easily by clicking the Export button and selecting As Excel.

Export List

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