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Completing Your Sales

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Using these guides, you can:

What is Actioning?

Actioning is how Accelo keeps track of your sales opportunities, and tracks when that opportunity was won, lost, abandoned, or canceled. To track that information, Accelo uses the Standing of the sales current status.

When your sales opportunity reaches a status, which has a Standing that Accelo tracks as a conclusion, it automatically tracks the date in which it reached that status. The Standings Accelo tracks and the dates tracked include: 

  • Won: Won On
  • Lost: Lost On
  • Abandoned: Abandoned On
  • Canceled: Canceled On

These dates are all tracked separately, so that you can easily identify sales which were previously abandoned and then won, lost then canceled, or canceled and then won. Cumulatively, we track all of these dates as the Actioned Date. This date can be found as a filter on your sales list and is used to filter all of your sales based on their conclusion date, regardless of how they concluded.

Updating Your Sales' Actioned Date

Sales are Actioned automatically as they enter a new status, with their dates and conclusion updated at that time. To back date or otherwise adjust that date, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the sales opportunity
  2. Click the Won On date, (or Lost On, Abandoned On or Canceled On, depending on how your sale concluded), and select your preferred date

Concluded Date

To change the conclusion method, such as changing it from "Won On" to "Lost On," simply change the sales status to a "Lost" status. The method and date will update automatically.

Create Related Work from a Sale

When you've won a sale, your next step will be to create the Project, Ticket, or Retainer which you'll be performing for your client. If you've provided your client with a Quote through Accelo, you can convert the quote directly into a project. To create a new ticket or retainer, you'll want to create it from the sale to link them and their history together.

To create a related Project, Ticket, or Retainer:

  1. Open the sales opportunity
  2. Click the Create Related button, and select the type of work which you'd like to begin

    create related
  3. Fill out the new work details, and click Create

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