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Quick & Responsive Client Service

Deliver consistent, streamlined and profitable client service, easily. By allowing tickets to be converted from emails, custom organization, automating tasks, and keeping everything in one place, Accelo lets the ticketing process work around your business.

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Your Ticket Module in Accelo

The Tickets module provides the functionality for billable work on a more agile scale than Projects. Easily receive incoming request emails, convert them to Tickets, and log the work you do on Tickets in order to accurately bill for the work you do.

Features of the Tickets module include:

  • Email Tracking - Automatically track time on back and forth email communication when troubleshooting.

  • Mobile Timer - Time on-site visits down to the minute.

  • Team Inbox - Service teams can collaborate on client requests while time is tracked before the ticket is even created.

  • Billing & Contract - Keep track of tickets and make sure things are progressing.

  • Client Portal  - Allow your clients to access a portal to submit and track their tickets.

  • Client Records  - See a history of your clients' services and Tickets.

  • Activity Tracking - See all team and client communications in one place.

  • Tickets Dashboard  - Get an overview of all client services in real-time.

  • Automation & Processes -  Build a workflow for different types of work such as "website is down" vs. "onsite visit".

  • If/Then Triggers -  Automated messages to stay on top of tickets. Send reminder emails before closing out tickets.



When to use Tickets:

Tickets are useful for short-term work that needs to be completed for a client. Utilize Tickets when it involves billable work that can be completed in one phase, such as:

  • A Consulting Session

  • Administering an Enhancement

  • Fixing a Bug

  • General Client Work

  • Training sessions


Should I use Projects or Tickets?

It can often fall to a question of best practices for your business as to which one is better to use, a Project or a Ticket. Tickets are ideal for work that is short-term and has limited steps. Projects are great for when you are building a website for a client, while Tickets are great for when you are fixing a bug on that website.

Use Tickets instead of Projects if the work in question fulfills the following conditions:

  • You have no need for Milestones.

  • The work can be done on a short-term scale.

  • Upcoming work isn’t dependent on previous work being completed.


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