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Lesson 1: Finding your Work of

Weekly Timesheet

The Weekly Timesheet is your one-stop location to find all your scheduled tasks for the week, all time that you have logged, and helps you to automatically track how you spend your time.

Log in every morning, and visit your Timesheet to see what Tasks are assigned for the day. Visit your Weekly Timesheet when your day is complete, and make sure you’ve properly logged all your time for the work you’ve done.

Navigate to your Weekly Timesheet by hovering over the Time button on the Navigation bar and selecting Weekly Timesheet.

On the left is your List of Client Work, including client names, projects, tickets, and a list of all of your scheduled tasks. On the right is a Weekly Overview of your logged time separated by day, as well as suggested task entries.

Weekly Timesheet 4

Click on the name of your scheduled Task on the left, and find all the details of the work you need to complete. In the next section we cover how you Log your Time in Accelo.

Click Next to learn how to find work on your Daily Timesheet.

Daily Timesheet

The Daily Timesheet is your one-stop location to see all the work that you have logged so far today, as well as any Tasks assigned to you on that day. Easily track how you’ve been spending your day and figure out what you need to do next.

Navigate to your Daily Timesheet by hovering over the Time button on the Navigation bar and selecting Daily Timesheet.


On the top is your logged time, shown in graph form. Below the graph, on the left, view all Activities that you have logged throughout the day in chronological order.

On the right, find all Work assigned to you on that day. Work is sorted by status, with those you have Committed at the top, followed by work that is Overdue, and then Tasks that are Auto. You can also sort by Future work, which has been added to your schedule in the future.

To see the work you need to complete on each Work item, click on the Work Name in the list which will open the Task View

Click Next to learn how to find work on your Task Board.

Task Board

Keep track of your workflow and prioritize your ongoing task list within your Task Board. Easily view all Tasks assigned to you in one location, and divide your view by Due Date and Task Status.

The Task Board is like an interactive To Do list. Using a simple "cards" interface and the ability to drag and drop, see and edit a list of your upcoming tasks, reschedule them, reassign them, log work on them and move between statuses quickly and easily.


View all Task Boards by hovering over the Task button on the Navigation bar and selecting either Deadlines, Status, or Assignment board.


  • Deadlines Task Board: View all the Tasks assigned to you, sorted into columns by their due date: Overdue, Today, Tomorrow, Future, and No Deadline. With drag and drop rescheduling, easily reorder and reassign your tasks.

  • Status Task Board: View your Tasks by status and see which tasks you’ve been assigned, completed, or have left to do.

  • Assignment Task Board: Primarily used by managers, see all the Tasks which you have created or are managing and sort based upon Assignee. By default, you will see all Unassigned tasks. Drag and drop tasks easily to assign those Tasks to users.

Click Next to learn how to find work on your Schedule.


Get a calendar view of all your work in Accelo. See a full list of all the task work that has been assigned and activities you’ve logged each day in My Schedule, a Premium tool.  

My Schedule is the best place to plan out your tasks in your week. In this tool you can assign yourself time to complete tasks today or in the future, integrate your external calendar to give yourself and your team a better overall view of your day, and easily change the amount of time you plan to work everyday on each task.

To view your Schedule, click on the Schedule button on the Navigation bar.

As tasks are assigned to you with hours and a deadline, your schedule will take shape automatically. Accelo divides your tasks in your schedule by duration of the assigned task and its due date. Learn more about how work is auto-assigned with our Dynamic Scheduling tool.

Based upon how the task was assigned (auto-assigned, scheduled, committed, or an external appointment), your tasks will appear in differentiating colors.

Use your daily schedule
to ensure that you get all of your work done.  Click on the date in the bar graph to view see what is scheduled on a given day. Easily sort your view by using the date selector from the top right to adjust the days that are within the calendar view.  

The Schedule work list, found under your schedule graph, lists your tasks within the Calendar View, sorted by Due Date. Control how to spend your time by committing time to your schedule. Choose which task  from the Schedule Work list you want to work on each day, and drag and drop to manually commit time in order to prioritize important projects and tickets.

Read more about how to Utilize My Schedule.

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