Product Updates: April 25 - May 1

Product Updates: April 25 - May 1

1-May 2017

We can’t believe it’s May already! The team has been working hard to deliver on priorities, and this past week had a slew of updates and improvements, along with a lot of backend work that you might not see or notice right off the bat, but that is super important nonetheless :-). On that note, here’s a quick run-through of what went live:

Add “Create Quote” to your sales process: The Quotes tool is a great way for you to write and present quotes to your clients. Previously, if you had a sales progression which related to the need to set-up a quote for your customer, this step could not be automated - rather it had to be completed outside of the status progression. Now you can add a new special process to your sales progressions called "Create [project] [quote]" which would take you directly into editing the quote estimate and then back to your sale for a truly automated and seamless experience!

create quote guy

Improved Utilization Dashboard: Quick UI improvement here where we fixed any double digit numbers being cut off when you chose how many weeks to show before a date.

Easily “Add new” from list screens: While you were able to add a company from the company list screen, you weren’t able to quickly hit the equivalent “Add” or “Create” button from other list screens - such as a project or ticket, which was cumbersome - so we added this option to the most popular list screens. Don’t worry - we made sure that only people with the right permissions will be able to do this. Thanks to Brad from Noojee for pointing this out!

Improved report section on meetings: Design fix here where we made the transition between compressed and uncompressed views of a meeting report much more seamless.

Want to change the work details on a client’s invoice? Now you can: If you created an invoice with work details being disabled, now, if you change your mind, they can be included again just be editing the invoice and toggling the Work Detail option. This means more flexibility for you with less hassle :-).

Selecting the time on Important Dates: This improvement makes it possible to also easily edit the timestamp for date fields which already allowed this from normal edit screens - but in this case we’ve made it possible in the Important Dates shown on the left-side when viewing a project, ticket or sale.

Optimizing Trigger processing: A few users have noticed that their automated triggers weren’t firing as quickly as they should be - e.g. when a request is created and there is a trigger rule to convert it into a ticket. We have spent some time making the trigger queuing system more robust and scalable to handle all the amazing things our users are doing with triggers!

Xero Credit Notes & Payment Reference: Our integrations team have made a tweak when it comes to recording Credit Notes in Accelo. Now this detail is stored in the reference field for the payment in Accelo.

My Schedule screen showing inaccurate info: There was a small quirk when viewing past days in the My Schedule screen whereby some entries - such as Committed Time - was appearing as Work Done in the preview pop-up. This has been tidied up now.

Invoicing Expenses through Retainers: We were alerted to a glitch when expenses were allocated to a retainer/contract via a ticket or job. The invoicing process was losing track of the expense type, which in turn meant the tax and ledger codes were not set correctly. Our team traced it through and have updated the retainer invoicing process so that all expenses - whether directly on the period or allocated from a job/ticket - are using the correct codes.

Retainer period usage export improvement: Usage export for Retainer periods now uses the Logged For Date of activities, rather than the Created Date. This makes it more consistent with other timesheet & activity exports across Accelo.

Merge Fields bugfix: We also resolved a bug whereby currency-type Custom Fields were not displaying the value when used as a merge field within a progression action - such as creating a task or sending an email/alert.

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