Product Update: Aug 15-21

Product Updates: August 15-21

23-Aug 2017

Accelo's team of talented engineers have listened to your concerns and delivered yet another impressive week of product updates! Check it out:

Minimizing Email Notification Noise:

  • When new issues/tickets were created by the API or via an integration - such as Continuum - the system was always notifying the creator/submitter of the issue regardless of notification preferences. We've corrected this now.
  • Accelo has a feature to allow historical email conversations to be imported from your Google/Exchange account when a new contact is created in Accelo. However, some users noticed this process was causing old email conversations to be re-sent to them on-behalf of Accelo. This is due to Accelo's notification system finding other staff to notify - such as staff that "Favorited" the company. We've adjusted this logic to ensure any emails older than 24hrs won't cause these notifications to be sent out.

Materials appearing in Retainer renewal invoice: Some users noticed that invoices automatically generated for some of their retainer periods were including material line items, despite the retainer set-up such that materials are included in the service allowance/value. This problem only affected the auto-renewal process and has since been fixed.

Retainer List not handling material value: It was also brought to our attention that retainers with the above-mentioned configuration were not being represented accurately in the retainer list screen. The value of materials was being added on top of the service price, whereas they should have been ignored.

Filtering by Retainer Type on List Period: This small but helpful improvement allows you to filter down a list of periods by the type of retainer they belong to - which is helpful if your team has configured a variety of contract/retainer types.

Login now redirects to original link: Occasionally you might click on a link to something in Accelo and realize you weren't logged in. After logging in, we were redirecting you to your homepage rather than the page originally requested. This quirk has been sorted out now!

Adding “Duplicate Quote” option: A long standing improvement request which we've just been able to ship! After putting in hours of work perfecting a quote for a client - including all the introduction text, estimate and terms and conditions -  you can now easily clone the entire quote to be used for another customer as you like.

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