Product Update: Aug 22-28

Product Update: Aug 22-28

28-Aug 2017

A lot of work has been done by our Dev team to get our new HubSpot integration off the ground! Yes, that’s right, you can now streamline your workflow even more with this special integration that our marketing clients are going to love. If you're not already part of our Beta testing group, but want to try it out, contact and we'll get it setup for you. 

Now, onto the other minor updates and improvements that were pushed out this past week...

Resolution upgrade: Since launching our new Purchases Module, we had a few issues where a user's navigation menu was being thrown out of whack. That’s been fixed so that all our nav icons appear ‘to size’ on various devices - making it more user-friendly than it was before.

Mobile improvements: You can now filter Expenses by an allocated time period on iOS and Android. Plus, our users currently Beta testing the Android app can now Create Assets without any major hiccups.

Scheduling: We’ve received some great feedback regarding our new Scheduling Dashboard - so thanks for the love! This week, we’ve made a few minor tweaks that'll enable users to see the type of work that's been committed, along with who on your team it was assigned to.

Decimal field bug fix: We had an annoying bug that was only letting users enter whole numbers when it came to costs for certain projects/clients. That’s been resolved so that you have decimal fields to fill in again.

"Divisions" through the API: Yep you can now query for information about your Accelo company divisions via the MISC endpoint in the API.

Invoice Template improvement: A few users pointed out that when editing an invoice, choosing a different invoice template was causing the invoice created date to be reset to today. This quirk has been ironed out now. 

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