Product Updates: August 8 - 15

Product Updates: August 8- 15

15-Aug 2017

And just like that, another week of awesome product updates have been pushed out for you to enjoy! So let’s jump straight in:

Our new Purchases module: This exciting feature will go live on Tuesday, August 15, and the main benefits for users include:

  • The ability to record the purchases you’ll be making from a vendor for the materials and/or expenses needed in order to complete a project, ticket/issue, or retainer/contract you’re working on for a client.

  • Push your purchase details into your accounting system as an accounts payable invoice, with any payment syncing back to Accelo.

  • Generate a customized PDF Purchase Order which can be sent to the vendor, so they can quickly review and fulfil your order - ka-ching!

Streams show Non-billable time: We heard from some users that it was odd that billable activities in the stream showed the time logged, but non-billable ones didn't! We've rectified this so now the time displayed for an activity will always show - with billable time (in green) + nonbillable time (in orange).

Mobile app improvements: Creating Assets on Android is currently in beta, and we’re working hard to improve our timers so that they're more user-friendly on mobile.

Managing Saved Filters for Retainer Periods: We've finally added your saved filters for Retainer Periods to the "My Filters & Bookmarks" screen so you can more easily use these filters, as well as remove the ones you don't need anymore.


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