Product Updates: Feb 1-7

Product Updates: Feb 1-7

6-Feb 2017

Can’t believe we’re already a week into February! Here are our product updates and improvements from the other week. Also, if you’d like a sneak peek at our Project Module enhancements and to learn more about the upcoming beta, join our webinar this week. All the join times and details can be found here.

Invoice Due Dates: There’s a global setting in Accelo for when an invoice should be due that reflects a certain amount of days from when it was raised. However, we weren't using this value in our new invoice templates, meaning the templates weren’t updating the way you wanted them to. Now this is the default value for invoices (used if the specific invoice template doesn't specify a due date).

Consolidating Invoices: Usually Accelo makes it super simple to send invoices where you need to, automatically, but - last week some of you encountered some issues. If you were having trouble consolidating a single invoice for certain contacts in a client record, like sending a single invoice to certain people who all work at the same company, that was a bug (that’s now been squashed).

Assigning Tasks: When you assign tasks to people on your team, they need to be able to mark when they’ve been worked on or completed. We had a bug we caught while testing on our end where the assignee of a task couldn’t change that task’s status in some scenarios, like if they had worked on it and wanted to mark it as complete. That’s now fixed, so any person assigned to a task can progress its status with no hiccups.

Invoices Syncing from Quickbooks: We had a bug where some of your invoices weren’t syncing from Quickbooks because they were linked to Affiliations in Accelo that no longer existed (an Affiliation is the relationship between a Contact and a Company, and sometimes Contacts are connected to more than one Company. In this case, those Contacts were linked to companies that no longer existed). All fixed now!

Syncing with Xero: Linking the time you spend to the invoices you send is one of the key benefits of connecting your Xero accounting software with Accelo. However, last week we had a bug where those of you wanting to connect to Xero weren’t able to. The reason being that, Xero made changes to their API security infrastructure. For us, that meant scrambling to support these new endpoints - you can read their blog post announcing the change here.

Given that we plan our work more far out than this (and that this change required a variety of changes to interfaces since we do so much with Xero), we were caught short on time. That being said, you have our sincere apologies for any hurdles this might’ve caused!

Custom Contact Fields: Accelo let’s you customize everything from workflows to contact details, but last week we came across a small bug with Categories (i.e. including your client’s industry or company size). With this bug, if you didn’t include any categories, you weren’t able to include custom contact fields, which help you capture the bits of information that matter to you about your clients. After working through some code we’ve now resolved this glitch.

Saving Workweek Changes: The User Dashboard allows you to keep track of your daily and weekly performance, assigned tasks, and the staff leaderboard so that you can see how you’re doing compared to everyone else and monitor your work. On top of that, we have a permission setting which ensures that only certain users can change their workweek settings. Unfortunately, we had a bug where a couple of professional-level (not admin) users weren’t able to save changes made on their workweek, even though they had these permissions. That means that even though they were able to hit save, their changes reverted back to “no work week” - ouch. Luckily that’s all been settled now, apologies for any scares!

Webhooks Restrictions: We removed the restrictions here to make it easy for anyone to take full advantage of our Zapier integration by setting up triggers. Some of the features from our Webhooks use functionality normally restricted to Professional Accelo users (i.e. people on your internal team, but not contractors or people dubbed as Contractor users). This fix ensures that all users can now use Zapier with Accelo.


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