Product Updates: Feb 21-27

Product Updates: Feb 21-27

27-Feb 2017

With only a few days left in the month, our team’s been pushing hard to get a number or enhancements and bug fixes across the line. Apart from some exciting Project Module enhancements we’ll announce later this week as well as some great updates to our JIRA integration next week, here’s the short version of what the team worked on this past week:

Quickbooks Online Payments: Payments deleted in Quickbooks weren’t consistently being deleted in Accelo, so some of you weren’t having your invoices reconciled with the platform. That’s been fixed.

Text fields and Line Breaks: Some of you noticed that Profile Fields of type "text" weren’t respecting line breaks, meaning that if you entered content that contained blank rows (newlines) they were being stripped out. This improvement focuses on retaining those line breaks by way of making the text fields more like a "TextArea"


Project Cost Forecasting: Re-assigning tasks from the Project View screen should update the forecast costs for the project, but oddly it was still using the cost of the previous assignee. We've corrected this bug to ensure your forecast profit/cost is spot on.

Retainer Auto-renewal Invoice anomalies: Not long ago we tidied up the interface for retainer editing which included removing some old options for showing quantities and rates inside the line item description. The problem was that automatic invoices from retainer renewals were still trying to use these old settings which meant some material line items were showing the qty and rate information twice! These settings have been properly deprecated now.

Project Dashboard & List Discrepancy:  Some of you were spotted inconsistencies with your Projects dashboard, whereby the numbers reflected in your graph (under the Due tab in Project Value) didn't match the projects listed after "clicking-thru" from the graph to the list screen. We discovered the dates being passed through weren't quite matching up, so that's resolved now.

Merge Contacts more Easily: For a while, multiple people with the same name have appeared in the list of your results, and having their email address would help figure out which was which. By adding email addresses to contact look-up when merging contacts, we’ve improved this hurdle with some slight restyle as well. 

Email Font Size & Style: We know lots of you are keen for customizing the look and feel of emails sent from Accelo.. so here's a bit of a teaser to let you know we're listening and doing what we can to accommodate! There's two new options in activity settings to allow font size and font family to be changed:

email font

Converted Requests on Mobile: Some client bug reports indicated that once a request was converted to a ticket (or sale) it wasn't always possible to track the history of that request in the Accelo Mobile App. We've patched some behaviour now to ensure these requests continue to be discoverable in the Request Queue 

Blank Auto-reply Emails from Request: Just today we noticed a problem appear with Request auto-replies - which can be automatically sent from Accelo when a new request is captured. We use this feature just as much as many of you, so after debugging the problem we had it fixed within a couple of hours.

Show Inactive button went missing: The “Show Inactive” button as well as the "Show Actioned” sales button on your list pages went a bit haywire while the team were tidying up some other buttons and styles across the app. We've corrected the mistake so it's easy (again) to update your results list with inactive things.

Request Triggers: If you were trying to create a Request trigger to automatically convert a Request into a Ticket, you might’ve been having trouble selecting the “Unassigned” option if you went in to edit the conversion options.

Corrected Invoice Subtotals: If you consolidated a bunch of invoices into 1 invoice using the bulk billing tool, and then added or subtracted a line item on the invoice, the sub-total values on the invoice weren't reflecting the changes. That hiccup’s been resolved - and you have our sincere apologies for any mishaps it might have caused!

Permissions for Viewing Assets: If you were only giving someone on your team permission to view Assets and not Companies, the Asset option wasn’t available on the left side of their Navigation Menu. While a little unusual, this edge-case has now been handled.

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