Product Update: Feb 7-13

Product Update: February 7 - 13

13-Feb 2018

The past week has been a very busy time at Accelo, and as a result, we experienced periods of degraded or poor end user experience. We want to apologize for any inconvenience and assure you that we're working to prevent this from happening again in the future. To better understand what happened, please read this blog post. 

On a more positive note, we still managed to roll out plenty of helpful product updates and improvements, including:

Task Budget showed in hours: Some of Accelo's usage displays for tasks were showing the budget in days and hours (dd hh), rather than just hours (hh). E.g. a 60hr task was showing as 2d 12h, which was ambiguous as many might think of 1d being equal to 8 hours! Now, it's hours across the board :-)

budget time

Sales Dashboard settings: We offer a setting in the Sales configuration area called Pipeline Weighting, which allows users to configure how they'd like the weighted value of their sales to be calculated on the Sales Dashboard. This setting correctly updates the Sales Funnel and Pipeline Value graphs but was not applied to the Performance table and Won/Open Sales pie graphs, meaning that we were showing different numbers for the same sales on the same page. This inconsistency has been addressed.

Ongoing sync of account codes: For Xero and QuickBooks online users, we can now automatically sync your account ledgers into Accelo. This means those de-activated in Xero or QBO will be de-activated in Accelo, and those created outside will also automatically get added into Accelo. This ensures your accounting integration is easier to maintain.

Whitespace fixes & improvements in activities & emails: As part of the recent upgrade of Accelo to support the creation of rich text emails and notes, you might have noticed some places where extra blank lines or whitespace was appearing between text. This was due to using 2 different text editing libraries which treat <p> tags and <br> tags differently. We've made some changes to handle these more consistently. Please note that older emails/notes may now appear with double-spacing but this shouldn't affect newly created ones!

Restoring Spellcheck and Paste feature: Also related to the rich text improvements, we've managed to bring back the spellchecker feature and also the option to right click > paste content into the body of an activity/email.

Search & activity permissions: Our team has patched a gap in the Search feature permissions which was allowing users to preview parts of an email/activity in the search results despite not having permission to view it and/or the activity being confidential.

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