Product Updates: Feb 8-13

Product Updates: Feb 8-13

13-Feb 2017

Another week of exciting updates and improvements for you all! Here’s the rundown:

Usability improvements to the Timesheet Report page: Filling in your timesheet just got even easier with two big usability enhancements. Think: no more manually selecting yesterday’s date to view your previous timesheets - now you can just click on the new Yesterday option. Additionally, expanding rows to drill-down into the activity detail is now possible by clicking anywhere on the row - rather than just the little arrow button. Learn more here.

Add billable time directly to Contracts & Retainers: Now you can log billable activities directly on the over-arching retainer/contract without worrying about choosing a period. The system will automatically associate the time with the most relevant period to ensure your billable work is accounted for. This speeds up the entry of time and notes by avoiding the extra steps of thinking about and selecting the current billing period! Check out the details here.

retainer billable

Project Module Enhancements (Beta): We’re pushing forward with more changes here - releasing updates everyday for our beta users! Managing your projects is going to be that much simpler - we’ve made strides this week on the Work Done Leaderboard (which is now being populated in the new Insights tab) so you can easily see who’s done what, Start & Due date fixes on the Overview tab so you know what’s happening and when for your milestones and tasks, progression permission fixes to ensure the status progression options are only shown for those that indeed have permission, and some more fancy design work around the Key Dates shown of the left of the Project screen.

Planning and Estimating in Time, not Hours: The Estimate Time column on your Gantt chart was changed from ‘Hours’ to ‘Time’, since we've always been showing the values as Hours and Minutes - e.g. 16h 30m - so continuing to refer to this as Hours wasn't quite accurate. This applies across the Project Plan, Quoting tool and Project templating. See the new details here.

Receipt filter on Invoice List screen: If you were having trouble finding results about whether or not a receipt was received against an invoice, like trying to do a quick filter for invoices where the Receipt value is "Empty" - now you can try this feature again and the results should look much better.

Public API now returns or filters Activity Date Modified! - The documentation for "List Activities" shows a field named `date_modified`, but the response object never contained such a field until we recently fixed this missing piece of data in the API.

Hiding inactive milestones from the Project Plan - this sneaky bug was causing a bit of trouble as users were able to add active milestones underneath inactive ones, which caused the Project Overview tab to become rather confused. We believe it's all patched up now.

Mobile App Expenses Bugfix - The team resolved a bug with new expenses sometimes submitting with today's date rather than the selected date. 

Saasu Invoice Sync improvement: In some cases we were pushing invoices back to Saasu when there was no need, since we had just pulled the latest from Saasu! Fixing this occasional sync loop means less chance of seeing erroneous sync errors!


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