Product Updates: July 10 - 17

Product Updates: July 11 - 17

17-Jul 2017

Another week of product updates for you! The team has made a lot of progress on the Purchases module. If you’re a Xero user and requested access to the beta you should already have access, and if you’re a QuickBooks user expect an update soon! We also pushed a massive upgrade to the Scheduling preview (it’s not live yet) but if you’d like to see and get testing it, everything you need to know can be found here.

Now, on to the other minor improvements from this past week: 

Retainer Usage Report Improvement: Now you can choose to include the description of an activity (work log) in your Retainer/Period Usage Reports, by selecting the "Detailed Report" option. This will include a description column at the very end after the activity type on the activities tab so you can provide more work detail to your clients as needed.

Activities Improvement: we’ve added ‘Internal Team’ (staff) and ‘External Team’ (contacts) to the list of recipient options when configuring a "Create Activity" (alert) action as part of a status progression. This allows you to further automate important notifications built into your project, sale and ticket workflows - ensuring everyone on your team can stay in the loop..

Company & Contact Improvement: the Contact Tab in the Company screen got some UI polish with better column formatting. Under the Contact Tab at the Company level, the Position column was fairly narrow, while the phone column was very wide. This resulted in the position being pinched onto several lines while there was excessive white space for phones - it’s looking better now.

Client Dashboard Improvement: the Client Dashboard pagination had a # in the href, which in simple terms means that when you clicked on something like the “Managers” list, it took you to the top of the page by accident (annoying we know) - that’s now been fixed.

Gravatar Improvement: you might’ve noticed on your projects that, if you clicked on Team on the LHS and searched, your gravatars were stretched on the Team popup! We fixed that with some UI polish :-).

Trigger Improvements & Fixes:

  • Issue, retainer and request trigger actions now support updating contact and company fields too.
  • Fix for triggers not working with contract time usage rule if contract/period allowance was set to zero.
  • No longer emailing inactive users from trigger activities.

Material invoicing improvement: Material line items without an item code are now updated with the default item code as per the settings in the invoice template. This helps ensure all line items have a valid item, account and tax code as often required by accounting systems.

Mobile App - iOS: Adding expenses against retainer periods is now possible; The app will now open if you tap on a link to View Request in your email, for example. 

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