Product Updates: June 13 - 19

Product Updates: June 13 - 19

19-Jun 2017

We hope all the dads out there had a nice Father’s Day (USA) weekend! On our end, it was another solid week of minor UI improvements, design polish, and bug troubleshooting, along with our continued work on the new Purchases module on our Scheduling upgrade (stay tuned for some more updates coming soon)! On that note, here’s the shortlist of what the engineering team pushed this past week:

Displaying negative profit in Projects: While negative profit is something we all want to avoid, not making it visible within the Overview table when viewing a project was perplexing some users. Rather than showing an empty/grey bar and $0 profit, we're now more accurately showing a red bar for negative profit margin and including the relevant cost and negative profit details on hover:

neg profit


Invoice Tabs - UI Polish: When viewing a project, ticket or retainer, there's a tab within the screen to list all invoices related to that work. This tab has been given a tidy make-over so the content is easier to read and the look and feel more consistent across Accelo. 

Weekly Timesheet - UI Improvement: You might’ve noticed that, on your weekly timesheet, at times the title of the work item (e.g. project) was cut-off, which meant you had to hover over it to reveal the full name - not fun. To fix that, we implemented increased width & space for the title area on the left-hand-side.

Project Assignment Board bug fix: A few users noted a problem when using the Assignee/Staff dropdown field to assign tasks & milestones within this screen. Specifically, the inline search/filter field wasn't responding as you typed to look for team members. We found the cause and cleaned up the problem to ensure this handy user filter element is working smoothly. 

Improved Invoices list in the Client Portal: the Client Portal’s invoices list was ordering invoices in ascending order (beginning with the oldest Invoice ID number by default). This was different from what was happening in-app, where lists were in descending order (beginning with the newest Invoice ID number). The app also had a column dedicated to ID numbers, but the Portal didn’t. So, we did some Client Portal polishing and updated the Portal’s invoices list to order invoices descending from the newest invoice, based on the Raised Date stamp.

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