Product Updates: June 6 - 12

Product Updates: June 6 - 12

12-Jun 2017

This week in product land, our team spent a lot of time working on our Scheduling feature and the new Purchases module (if you missed the sneak peek session on this, you can watch it here). Keep an eye out for upcoming beta information! Aside from that, here’s the shortlist of what we pushed last week:

Email/activity recipient list improvement: Now when composing an activity in Accelo - such an email, meeting or call - you can easily view a list of all available recipients by clicking the "To" or "Cc" labels on the left. The list includes contacts and staff, but as you'd expect the contacts will be listed first ;-)

This improvement also makes it faster to add recipients, since the list will stay open allowing you to click as many contacts/staff as you require.

email to

Time entry field improvement: now when you enter time, you’ll be able to use capital letter abbreviations. When you enter time, you’ve always been able to use letters to shortcut the time entry process (i.e. 8h becomes 8 hours, 3m becomes 3 minutes) but the system only converted these shortcuts when they were lower case - and now they allow for upper case as well (i.e. 8H becomes 8 hours, etc).

Expenses export improvement: when you export your expenses list, Accelo includes a column for the invoice ID. However, that column was showing the internal ID of the invoice and for those of you using an accounting system, that’s not the accurate number you need! So, we did some work to show you the invoice number instead of the invoice ID.

Querying our API for Attachments: We've updated our endpoints so you can now do more with folders and attachments (files), in particular, you can query for a list of files within a collection (folder) and filter by owner (staff).

Speeding up sync with Microsoft Exchange: The team have improved the way we sync with Exchange calendar, contacts and tasks to ensure the sync times between Accelo and Exchange are now within a matter of minutes, not hours as some users were noticing.

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