Product Updates: March 28 - April 3

Product Updates: March 28 - April 3

3-Apr 2017

More product updates for you this week, friends, apart from the continued work on the Projects module and JIRA! Here’s a quick summary of what the team has been working on:

Invoice Title Settings - We had some inconsistencies with setting the title of an invoice based on the merge fields (namely the invoice.reference.title ) applied in an invoice template. We've stepped through all the combinations to ensure we're setting the title properly for both individual invoicing and bulk/company invoicing processes.

Moving a Sales Opportunity to another contact - While this feature already existed within the Edit Sale screen, it was quite clunky and confusing to operate. Now we've made it clearer to distinguish between simply changing to another contact at the same company, versus searching for a contact outside of the current company (which effectively relocates the sale) by including a button on the right to toggle the search behavior:

edit sale search

Ensuring that completed tasks don't have time remaining! There were some places in Accelo where it was possible for time remaining to be added back into a completed task. This was leading to those tasks appearing in the Team Scheduling screens - which was quite jarring for some users. We've added more guard-code to make it practically impossible for any more completed tasks to be updated with time remaining now. 

Selecting a task when creating an activity - Earlier this year, while making some improvements to the task permissions within the Add Activity process, we revealed a quirk with the task row always showing the"none" option even when no tasks where available for the parent object (e.g. a milestone, or ticket). We've cleaned up this task row to properly hide when no tasks exist.

Project Invoiced Percentage - A few users noticed we hadn't found a new home for tracking the "Percentage Invoiced" of a project budget, which used to live on the left side of the View Project screen. We've now got this metric appearing in the new Insights tab :-)

Some Contact fields missing from Add Company - While testing some improvements for the custom "Text" fields, we noticed some types of custom fields were not showing within the New Contact section of the Add Company process, and have now restored those fields.

Retainer Period invoices in Client Portal - Now that it is possible to invoice for multiple retainer periods in the one invoice, the logic used for finding invoices for a specific period needed updating. This update was already in place for the main Accelo application, but hadn't been adjusted on the Client Portal - until now.

Using latest template when emailing invoices - If you needed to re-send an invoice to a client and happened to change the invoice template (which includes some templated text for the body of the invoice email) it turns out this text wasn't being updated according to the new template. We've resolved this small glitch now.

Confirmation before converting project to Non-billable - With the recent improvements around making projects and issues non-billable, we realized it's important for users to know that moving a project to non-billable will update all milestones & tasks to non-billable. This means removing all $ budget information, billable rates and even converting billable time to non-billable! So to be extra safe we're now asking users to double-check before making this change in the project plan screen.

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