Product Updates: March 14 - 20

Product Updates: March 14 - 20

20-Mar 2017

Another week of updates and improvements for you all! Aside from our continued work on the Projects Module with things like Key Dates, strides forward with our updated JIRA integration, and the regular bug-crushing, here’s a condensed summary of what went live this past week:

Improved hover detail for Earned Value graphs: We improved the hover cards for milestones and projects so that now you can get better information and more clarity around usage (earned value) and budget - especially if you've turned on the new settings to include Materials or Expenses in Earned Value. Before this change it wasn't always clear what contributed to the overall Earned Value denominator (budget) figure.

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You might also notice that we've rolled out these new Earned Value graphs for the project list screen too.

Added View Permission for Team Members: A few months back we upgraded the Contributors feature to allow staff contributors on a project/sale/ticket/etc - and to complement this change we've shifted to describing them as "Team" members. As members of the project team, we also wanted to ensure managing their permissions could be simplified so that any staff listed as a team member could view that object, automatically. This improvement is now live, but stay tuned for more improvements as we plan to allow the configuration of these permissions for each Contributor (Team) Type so you can give them various abilities such as planning a project, approving time, changing status and more.

Sending invoices is now less scary: Now you can see exactly who you’re emailing an invoice to. While you could see on a PDF who you were sending your invoice to, when you went to "Send" an invoice there were no tooltips clarifying the invoice will be emailed to Contact Xyz, which in some cases was a little distressing and slowed down the invoicing process.

More clarity around in-line replies: It was easy to think you lost a reply or activity content when collapsing an email/note in the activity thread, since, when re-opened, the reply box didn’t expand again automatically. We've improved that, and while there we also added a warning dialogue if you try to navigate away from the page with an unsaved reply. 

Recording Payment for QuickBooks sync'd Invoices: A little while back we improved our payment feature to allow payments recorded in Accelo to sync across to QuickBooks, but we hadn't yet enabled this for all permutations of QuickBooks integrations/configurations. We've checked through these and confirmed the payment sync will work correctly across all configuration and so have opened up the feature accordingly.

Disabling browser auto-fill when Creating Users: From time to time users were reporting that the username, password and other fields in the form for creating a new user were being pre-filled by their browser. While this feature occurs within the web-browser settings, we were happy to investigate as we recognize it was both annoying and slightly risky as your own user details might accidentally be saved against a new (different!) user. We've got code in place to block the browser from being overly helpful within that create screen/process now!

Quotes export fails with unusual characters in title: With clients across the many continents and languages, we're often seeing cases of weird and wonderful character sets not behaving perfectly in Accelo - but we're only too happy to investigate and improve where we can. In this case our export engine wasn't encoding some characters very well when exporting quotes to the point of actually failing to export. We've fixed this up now :-)

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