Product Updates: March 7 - 13

Product Updates: March 7 - 13

13-Mar 2017

Another week with lots of updates and improvements from our team! Apart from continued work on the Projects Module and getting our new JIRA integration ready to go, here’s a condensed list of what went live this past week:

De-cluttering the tabs across View Project: To make this screen a little less overwhelming, we've opted to hide the Assets tab and the Signoffs tab until there is some data available to show there. Both features can be created/link via the menu on the toolbar.

Creating invoice templates: Some of you were hitting an error when trying to create an invoice template last week. That was definitely a bug, and we’ve resolved it.

Project Insights - Profitability: One of our newer clients pointed out that the new Insights Tab doesn’t quite show as much financial data as it used to - specifically, to show the breakdown of the profitability numbers when looking at the two profitability graphs on the right-hand screen. To address this, we put in some tooltips on those two profits graphs like Revenue, Cost, and Profit. This should enable you to see the data you need more easily.

Team Scheduling User Filters: The ability to add or edit Saved Filters in the Users area of Team Scheduling isn't supported within the Scheduling screen, but it wasn't very obvious where/how these filters could be managed. We've added a little option to the filter menu now to make it easier to jump over to the User List and adjust the filters when necessary:

team sched filt

Dates within Project Overview tab: When hovering over the dates shown here, we thought it would be great to show you more context under certain dates (i.e. running 3 days late/early). This is now live - let us know what you think :-).

Email Notification polishes: Some emails that Accelo sends to keep you informed of certain actions - like Issue Assigned, Task Created, Expense Submitted - were using our old icon set. We’ve updated these so the shiny new icons show there too, and while we were at it we've optimized many of these notifications to appear better on your mobile or tablet device.

List Screen “More” filter fix: While consolidating some of the styles & experiences found across our search & filter fields we hit a slew of problems, including on the Request Queue filters. It looks like we've finally sorted them all out - so apologies if you've been struggling to search for "More" fields to filter by when using any of our List screens.

Daily Timesheet User Selection: We improved the usability here so that when you select the user in the top right, all the text gets selected. This is a subtle improvement, but now when you want to change a name for instance, you won’t have to select and hit delete or tediously backspace until the text is gone. You can also click the (X) button to clear the current user.

Timesheet Report improvements: We had a quirk whereby inactive staff’s activities weren’t being included in the result when filtering by Company or All Staff, but were included in the other report options. They are now consistently included, while we've maintained that actually choosing an inactive staff member (to focus on their Timesheet Report) is not possible. 

Zapier profile fields improvement: Essentially, we made our create/update action in Zapier smarter. Before, it was making duplicate values - for example, if someone was aged “65” and we sent a profile field update to that contact with that added information, it would duplicate the value (very annoying). That’s been fixed.

View Issue UI polish: We still had a timer on the page toolbar (even though we now have a “log time icon), so it was redundant. We fixed that, along with polishing some small items in the Tasks tab, along with the Budget & Work tab for better consistency :-).

‘Add Invoice’ UI scaling issue: Our Add Invoice page was scaling poorly for smaller resolutions - things should be looking better now though!

Retainer Period renewal & invoicing issues: A few users reported that some retainer periods for March weren't including Materials, Tasks or Invoices as per the retainer settings. We've corrected the underlying problem and have a tool standing by to assist with rebuilding any Retainer Periods which aren't looking quite right. Some of you also let us know that materials were missing from the Retainer/Period Create Invoice screen - that’s also been fixed (and apologies for the trouble).

Utilization Dashboard calculation improvements: For ease of use, the dashboard displays work hours in rounded/whole numbers. However, when it comes to displaying the utilization percentages, we were also using those rounded numbers, which a few users have noted is not as accurate as it could be - so we've adjusted the report to focus on utilization %'s using the real hh:mm values.

Retainer Period Task Templates: We've made a small change here - for consistency you now have the option to add skills and tags when adding or editing task templates as part of the edit period process.

Payments on QuickBooks invoices: After confirming this change could be properly supported, we now allow users to record payments on invoices in Accelo which are already connected to Quickbooks. Previously this option was restricted as we recommended the payment be applied in QuickBooks. Now you can do it either way :-)


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