Product Update: Nov 22-28

Product Update: November 22 - 28

28-Nov 2017

Despite being a shorter week in the U.S., our engineering team has been working around the clock to bring you some very exciting updates! So, let's jump straight into it: 

Replacing "Actioned" Date in Sales: This concept of "actioning" has always been a bit difficult to explain, especially in terms of a sale which isn't really "done" - rather it is won, or not won. This improvement shifts the reliance from this old "Actioned" date to the date that a sale became Won, Lost, Cancelled or Abandoned - based on the status changes. It affects a few places:

  • View Sale - you can now easily see and update the relevant date - which is shown based on the current status of the sale. If it's still pending or open, then this date preview will be hidden.

sale won date

  • List Sales - the filters now include new date fields for filtering sales by the won/lost dates as well as the user who set the won/lost date.
  • Edit Sale - at any time you can edit a sale to view and override the won/lost/canceled/abandoned dates.
  • Export Sales - these new date fields are included in the spreadsheet exports available from the list screens.
  • Sales dashboard - the data here should be unchanged, as it was already relying on the date that a sale progressed to won or lost.

Company in Expense Export: We've included a new column in the Expenses export to show the Client/Company related to the expense.

Android Mobile App improvement: The team have enhanced the search/list view so you can toggle to show/hide inactive records from the results

CSV Import duplicate detection logic: A fix has been rolled out to ensure that the new CSV Import process now ignores companies or contacts from duplicate matching if those companies/contacts were supplied with fallback values because they were missing required fields - e.g. a contact being imported without a last name will be given a default last name via the import and thus will not qualify for duplicate detection. This avoids these incomplete records being accidentally matched based on the default/fallback names.

Reassign Category options before deleting: Accelo will now prompt you with an opportunity to replace the deleted value with another value. This is really handy if you're actually wanting to merge duplicate option values together. You delete one of the options and use the new prompt to update all those affected records with an option/value that still exists.

category replace

Client Name in Relocate screen: For extra clarity - and to avoid moving activities/work to the wrong place - we've added the name of the client/customer next to every kind of object you might see in the relocate activity screen.

New Date Field Validation is more available: We've extended this powerful date validation feature from the Projects module to also include Sales/Prospects, Retainers/Contracts, and Assets too.

QuickBooks Invoice Sync improvement - Our team has fixed up some business logic surrounding the push of an invoice from Accelo to QBO. In some cases where we couldn't find an existing link, we were searching for other contacts at the company and using their QuickBooks links to find a matching company. This meant that if a contact was associated with different companies in QuickBooks then an invoice might sync with the wrong company. This logic has been tightened up to ensure that won't happen, as well as a new option in Accelo's QuickBooks Integration settings to control whether Accelo should look for an alternative billing contact (at the same company!) if the current billing contact isn't liked to QB yet.


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