Product Update: April 18-24

Product Update: April 18 - 24

24-Apr 2018

ICYMI: we just finished a pretty impressive week at Accelo! In the space of 24 hours, we announced our Q2 Product Priorities and released our new Booking feature which you can learn all about here. Besides that, we also rolled out a bunch of other helpful improvements, including: 

Link tickets to any retainer through Team feature: While we've always supported the ability to link an issue/ticket to any retainer, it meant changing the issue contact and re-saving the issue to find the related retainer. This was a bit cumbersome and meant you'd lose the real issue contact. To solve this we've taken advantage of the Team (previously known as "Contributors") feature so that simply adding a contact as a team member on a retainer will open up the retainer to that contact + all the other contacts on the same client.

For example, linking Keith from ACME UK to the retainer that belongs to Acme Global will ensure that any tickets/issues under ACME UK can be associated with this retainer - either when creating or editing an issue.

retainer teamThis is handy for ensuring that the billable time, materials, and even expenses can be attributed to the retainer for appropriate approval and billing.

Meeting invitations bugfix: While testing the new Booking & Scheduling features our team noticed a problem with the "Send invites" feature whereby Google or Exchange (which get a copy of the meeting/event when integrated) was still sending an invitation onto all attendees when you'd left the option unchecked in Accelo. This behaviour has been fixed.

Problem when splitting project tasks: You might have seen an error if trying to split a task from the Project Overview screen in the past few weeks, but it's being handled properly now.

Showing company phone on View Ticket: This small improvement ensures that if the ticket contact's company has a phone number available, we're showing it too in the little information card at the top left of the View Ticket page.

Triggers in Requests module available for all: Yep, we've relaxed the licensing on the Triggers module so that Accelo Plus tiers can see, configure and get the benefit of more automated responses and escalation when using Requests.

Projects missing when relocating activities: Our team tracked down a cryptic bug which meant stopped some projects from appearing when trying to select them in the relocate activity form. It turns out they were hidden if the project contact had been deleted. This has been improved so even if the project has no client contact, the relocate page will still behave nicely!

Drill-down user data in Scheduling: In the Scheduling Dashboard, we noticed that the secondary right-hand panel - which can be revealed to see all work for a user across a day (or week) - was not always loading the data properly. This hiccup has been corrected to ensure you can properly see all the things scheduled for your team.

Retainer "Auto Complete Tasks" Fix: This option can be enabled in the Retainer Type settings but was not being applied when creating a retainer - instead, the setting was defaulting to off. This has been fixed.

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