Product Update: Aug 22 - 28

Product Update: August 22 - 28

28-Aug 2018

With August coming to a close, we've had our foot heavy on the accelerator to bring you a bunch of product updates before the month is out! These include: 

Protection on removing custom fields: When a custom profile field has been associated in a rule for a trigger, deleting the profile could cause the trigger rule interface to become unstable. We've fixed this quirk by blocking the field deletion until the rule has firstly been adjusted to not use the field.

Allow contractors to claim tickets: This improvement might seem odd; normally contractors can only see work which is already assigned to them.. However if you are automatically assigning tasks for certain types of tickets to your contractor(s) then they will automatically get permission to view the parent object (the ticket). From there you might want to assign themselves responsibility for the ticket - but this permission was blocked. We've adjusted it so now Contractor users can claim unassigned tickets (provided they can view the ticket!)

Utilization Dashboard - displaying unusual values: When a user has no availability and has not registered any utilization, the detailed data for that user would show a utilization of "NaN" which wasn't very helpful.. Now we'll show a simple "-" to indicate there's no data available (since that staff member wasn't available during that time period). If they did happen to register some work when they shouldn't have, we'll continue to show "Infinity %" as their utilization, but this will reflect in orange, rather than green, to indicate there's a discrepancy between their working hours and the work allocated/logged to them.

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View all Quotes under a Sale: If you managed to create more than 20 quotes under a sale, it was tricky to view all of them - in fact you had to open the quotes list rather than being able to see them all from the sale. We've improved this by adding a "Show all quotes" option which will fetch the other quotes and display them on the left-hand-side of the sale too.

Previewing work on Unlimited Retainers: When viewing a client record, there's a section which previews Recent Work across project, tickets and retainers - but if you had a retainer set to use unlimited hours we weren't showing the usage preview properly. This little preview card has now been fixed to show the right detail.

Don't import meetings as calls: We've deprecated some legacy behaviour which would import client meetings from your calendar as a call activity (instead of a meeting activity) if the word "call" was mentioned in the event title. This ensures the attendees noted in Accelo can now properly log their meeting reports - something that was broken for these "call" meetings!

Showing correct Retainers when creating projects: When creating a project for a client, if that client has any active retainers available, these will be selectable so the project work can be linked up to the retainer. The problem was that 1 other retainer - belonging to a random client  was mistakenly appearing in the select list. This has been resolved.

Verification Emails when using Division: A few customers noted that Accelo was asking their users to verify their email address after being associated with a division in Accelo. This is normal - except that it should have only happened if a new email address is entered for the user. We've corrected this to avoid unexpected verification emails.

Favorited Tasks for Bookmarks screen: Yep, for a while it has been possible to mark a task as a favorite, but the Bookmarks & Favorites screen wasn't listing these - it was only listing your Saved Filters for tasks (if you had some saved). Now favorited tasks are accessible there too.

Quote template permission fix: Some non-admin users found they were unable to choose a quote template when going through the Create Quote action of a Sale status change. The permission system was being too cautious - expecting some admin level permissions - which we have now resolved.

 API Updates:
- Open "staff_username" and "staff_email" when creating/updating holidays (leave)
- Profile value and fields added for purchases object
- Add contact title and affiliation position to create affiliation/contact/company endpoints

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