Product Update: Feb 21 - 27

Product Update: February 21 - 27

27-Feb 2018

We're excited to be entering March with a few exciting upgrades up our sleeves, including the ability to have multiple assignees on tasks, and the option to forward an email or BCC staff & even create contacts while working on the on the fly! These are part of our Scheduling and Enhanced Activities improvements that are about to be released in beta - please contact to join the testing group.

In the meantime, here's a list of everything else we've been working on this past week:

Quote template merge fields: To help make your quoting process even smoother, we've added company profile fields to the list of merge fields available when configuring a quote template.

quote merges

Meeting invitation settings: A few users noticed that meetings they created in Accelo weren't sending the invite to the end client. This is because this feature requires your calendar integration - whether with Google or Exchange - to be enabled. To avoid this from happening we'll now disable the "Send Invites" option on a meeting activity if your calendar integration is disabled!

Xero accounting integration improvements:

  • Fixed an issue with the Xero import process creating duplicate payments in Accelo when a Credit Note existed on the invoice in Xero.
  • Improved the Material and Service Items feature by allowing new Products/Service in Xero, plus any changes, to sync into Accelo.

QuickBooks Online - Item Sync: Much like the Xero improvement above, we now support ongoing import & sync of Items from QBO to Accelo.

Fixes for activities being cut-off: A small percentage of users noticed that sometimes when saving an activity, the last few words or sentences were being lost. We dug really deep to work out the issues here - which were related to the new rich-text features and the spellchecker utility putting additional load on the browser processes and we weren't handling the content quickly enough in rare occasions.

Financial permission for Schedule Dashboard: This minor change addressed a missing permission for the Schedule Dashboard - the "Rates" filter option was still being shown to users without full financial/rates permissions, meaning they could filter the dashboard by billable rate.

Confidential activities in list screen: Our team made a change to the conditions regarding activities shown in the Activity List screen. Previously any "Confidential" activities were not visible on this list, but we've now made this possible. Private activities are still excluded though.

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