Product Update: Feb 28 - Mar 6

Product Update: February 28 - March 6

6-Mar 2018

Wow, can you believe it's already March? We sure can't! Time is flying by but not as quickly as we're working. In case you missed it, we recently opened up beta access for trying out some enhancements to activities & emails - pretty neat stuff! With that said, here's a list of all the other helpful improvements we made this past week:

Activity Spellchecker - Language setting: We've now enabled support for multiple languages on the built-in spellchecker feature found in the formatting bar when you're creating a note, email, meeting, or call activity in Accelo. As you'd expect, if you do change your language preference it will remember this until you toggle it back.

spell check language

Ticket Priority - inline edit: This handy change allows users to edit the priority of an issue/ticket in-line from the left-hand side of the View Ticket screen.

Retainer Approval Fixes: We had some cases where billable work/activities were not appearing in the retainer approval screen despite being allocated to the retainer periods. This bug has been fixed now.

Previously Invoiced amount problem: Several customers noticed the handy feature in project invoicing which shows the amount previously invoiced for each line item, was not working. We've resolved this problem to ensure the hover cards for each line item reveal the right data again.

Sales Dashboard permission: Our team were asked by several customers to improve the permissions around the Sales Dashboard such that only users with the full Financial Visibility option on their profile could view it - so we've happily made this change. 

Editing Meetings & Calendar Sync: There was a problem whereby editing a meeting subject or description in Accelo would cause the client recipients to appear to be removed on sync to your Google calendar, which meant those contacts would receive a cancellation notice. This scenario has been fixed.

NinjaRMM - updating alarms: Accelo can now handle callbacks to create or update Alarms/Requests. With webhooks enabled, NinjaRMM will inform us as soon as an Alert is created or modified in NinjaRMM. You'll need a special setting enabled in your NinjaRMM account for this URL to be available.

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