Product Update: July 11-17

Product Update: July 11 - 17

17-Jul 2018

It's been a big couple of days for the Accelo team who managed to roll out some serious Project Module upgrades without too much fuss! If you're seeing anything strange, or have any questions or concerns, please reach out to or check out our Help Guides.

Despite launching such a significant upgrade, we also managed to make a few other product improvements, including:

Custom fields "inheritance" improvement: By this we mean that if you have a custom profile field which is applied to your Sales module and your Tickets module (for example Model Number or Purchase Order #), if you create a Ticket from a Sale, any values for those custom profile fields will be copied (or inherited) onto the ticket. This works for Sale > Retainer too.

Handing more quotes on sales: A few users noted that there is a limit of seeing 20 quotes on the left of the sale screen. We've improved this display so that all possible quotes linked to the sale can be loaded in if the user needs to see them!

Quotes Tax fix for Client Portal: In some scenarios, the tax amount for quotes shown to your customers in the client portal was appearing as $0. The total price was still accurate, however. This glitch has been resolved now.

Show negative Formula results: For anyone who has set-up Custom Formula Fields - for projects, tickets, sales or retainers - you might have spotted that the Number type formula would display a negative result without the minus symbol - which could get a little confusing. We've corrected this UI problem so the minus (-) character will show appropriately.

Public API Improvements

  • Expose prospect (sale) probability detail
  • Allow the update of prospect (sale) status 

Project List - Invoicing Filter fix: The filters in the Project Listing screen include a special 'Has it been invoiced?' filter to help identify projects that do or don't have an invoice linked to them. However, when this filter was activated, it interfered with the "invoiced %" data shown in the list. This has been corrected now.

Add Activity Pop-up: We recently encountered a UI problem whereby the Add Activity Modal was becoming hidden behind the task modal if you were attempting to create the activity against the task. All sorted now!

Exchange Login problem: There was a temporary hiccup with the Exchange/Microsoft login process which blocked users from using this sign-in method - but it's all running smoothly now.



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