Product Update: July 18-24

Product Update: July 18 - 24

24-Jul 2018

And just like that, we're almost done with July. This month has gone so quickly for us here at Accelo due to some pretty big upgrades that were rolled out over the past few weeks. But, we're not pumping the breaks just yet! Here are some more product improvements that were made recently:

Tracking categories for purchases - For anyone using Xero accounting connected to Accelo, you might have already seen the introduction of Xero's tracking categories to our invoicing screens. Now these tracking categories can be applied when creating or editing purchases too! This ensures the "bill" pushed into Xero has the relevant tracking data on its line items.

purchase tracking

Projects with Planned Dates: With our new screens for creating projects, we made it easier to set the Planned Start and Planned Due date for your project, but it wasn't clear that this would confirm those dates into the project plan - meaning that any tasks added on the project would start appearing in user schedules. This was more evident if you selected a templated project plan during the create step too! So now you'll see a little message to clarify the behaviour of setting the planned dates.

Fix for sending Sign-offs: A handful of users experienced a problem with saving & sending sign-offs to their clients. The email notifications were not being sent properly, so the clients were unable to view the sign-off details. This has been addressed.

Custom Fields when Editing Projects: The business rule for seeing and editing custom profile fields in the Edit Project screen was slightly incorrect. It wasn't displaying fields marked with the "Exclusive" flag, when it should have. This has been updated now to be consistent with other edit screens in Accelo.

Invoiced & Approved Expenses: It turns out that invoicing an expense while it was unapproved doesn't change state of approval, which for most customers was not ideal. So we've improved the logic so that an invoiced expense will always be marked as Approved too.

Composing activities in Client Portal: There was a bug whereby some client portal users were not able to search for recipients when creating a note or reply to users in Accelo - now fixed. 

Expense ID for Export: As requested by a few customers, we have updated the Expense List Export to include the unique expense ID number.


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