Product Update: July 25-31

Product Update: July 25 - 31

31-Jul 2018

Can you believe it's almost August?! This quarter is flying by for our teams all around the world and is proving to be very successful - with several major projects unfolding a little bit more every day! While there are some we can't yet speak of, we can share these exciting updates with you...

Our Power BI integration is now live and available to all users (including non-ServOps users). To see all of the updates that were made during the beta period, check out this blog post, or to fully understand why this integration is so powerful, read this testimony.

Relocating Asset between clients: This feature now allows you to completely relocate the ownership of an asset to another company. While previously you could edit the asset to change the asset contact to anyone in your Accelo contact list, the company listed as the owner couldn't be changed - and now it can!

asset relocate

Alert when editing important project settings: If you've had a chance to play around with the new "Advanced Date Settings" when editing a project, you might have already noticed the extra alert that appears near the Save bar when these options are changed. We didn't want to be too alarmist with this feature but there's certainly a need to communicate how these changes can impact a project that is already underway!

edit job alert

Companies & Projects not deleting correctly: For a few days last week we had an issue which prevented some records from being fully deleted - whether requested via the bulk delete or single delete features. This has been fixed and those delete requests have been re-processed.

Using Time Formula field in Triggers: Until now, if you were trying to configure a Trigger Rule to refer to a Time Formula Field, you might have been unsure on the unit of measurement - hours, minutes, seconds? The input was actually expecting seconds, which we realized isn't good usability. So the trigger rule input for those fields will now accept minutes, rather than seconds!

Rates when inserting project template: There was a problem with the rates specified in project templates not carrying through correctly to the project. All sorted now. 

Quote recipients and non-financial users: A few customers noted that users without financial visibility could still be included as recipients on the quote email so it would be best if we discarded them to avoid sharing the potentially sensitive financial information in the quote.

Remember settings in Project Schedule: Within the View Project screen, the new "Schedule" view comes with some helpful filters & toggles so you can focus on the details most important to you. We've made this better by remembering the preferences in your browser so they're automatically be toggled next time you view the project schedule.

Invoicing with Materials on-the-fly: When creating an invoice, it is possible to create materials on the fly which don't have an item code. These should have been using the fallback item code from the Invoice Template - so we've made a fix to ensure this is now happening consistently.

Privacy & Confidentiality on View Activity: This small update ensures that the "secret" or "confidential" labeling of emails found in the Streams across Accelo is also applied to the View Activity screen - making it easier to identify if a special relationship is in place.

activity conf


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