Product Update: July 4 - 10

Product Update: July 4 - 10

10-Jul 2018

While we had a slightly shorter week in the States to celebrate July 4th, our Developers Down Under were hard at work to bring you this neat list of helpful product improvements, including:

Stream Performance Improvement: To ensure the Stream feature found across most views in Accelo - like View Project - can load as quickly as possible, we've tweaked the loading of longer conversations/threads to ensure that we only retrieve the full content (within the 16 More activities) if you actually expand the conversation.

stream fetch

Google Disconnection Error: Anyone needing to break the integration link between their Accelo user and their Google account might have bumped into this strange error. The disconnection would complete and then throw an error, which we've now fixed.

Public API - Create Sales: Our team has updated the public API so that you can utilize the POST endpoint on the prospects module to create sales/opportunities with ease through the API. See the API docs for more detail!

Sync Deleted Purchase with Xero: As you'd expect, this update ensures that purchases, which were synced with Xero, will delete in Xero if they have been removed from Accelo's side.

Weekly Timesheet - Meeting Reports: This is a minor change to ensure that the process for reporting on a meeting (or scheduled activity) in the Weekly Timesheet will match the process found in other places. Specifically, we'll stop inserting the meeting description into the report body - instead, giving it a separate section so you can review the event info - and we have included the ability to block notifications so your meeting report won't notify users who prefer not to receive meeting notes/reports.

Better view of addresses: Although a minor UI change, you'll probably notice this one pretty quickly if you routinely edit/update your contacts and companies. The field for selecting an address now has a preview panel just underneath with more of the address information - so you can be sure the correct address has been chosen for your contacts!


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