Product Update: March 14 - 20

Product Update: March 14 - 20

20-Mar 2018

And just like that, another week has passed us by at Accelo, meaning we've got more product updates and improvements to share with you on top of the awesome Enhanced Activities update from mid last week, including:

JIRA Work Logs sync:  A handful of customers identified inconsistency with the sync of work logs (time entries) between Accelo and JIRA. Our team found the API was returning data in smaller batches than documented and therefore some entries were not being processed. We've resolved this situation and any missed entries should be picked up over the next 24 hours.

Importing Companies & Address: This small change allows a user to import Address details for a company without requiring any contacts in the import.

Remember Spellchecker status: We recently added multiple languages to the spell checker found when creating a note or email in Accelo, and added some extra smarts to ensure your language preference is remembered the next time you create an activity. The one piece we overlooked - which is now fixed - is to remember whether you've turned the spellchecker ON or OFF!

NinjaRMM to close Request: This integration has been enhanced to allow the closure of an alert in Ninja to update (close) the request in Accelo.

API Improvements for Activities: Our team added functionality to allow updating billable/non-billable values for an activity, as well as the ability to create reports (meeting reports) from the API.

Post-paid Retainer change: The Retainer setting to invoice a post-paid retainer period as that period is generated is now limited to retainers which include materials. This is because, without materials, there's nothing else that could be invoiced for the newly created period (since the work is invoiced for at the end (postpaid!)) 

Address encoding problem: Some users noticed that accented characters used in the City field of an address were not being encoded properly, which looked bad. We've resolved the encoding to ensure those European cities are shown correctly again.

QBO Payment sync: The sync of payments from QuickBooks Online into Accelo was losing the tax portion of the payment, in some cases. This quirk has been addressed now to ensure payment details are 100% accurate between QBO and Accelo.

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