Product Update: Mar 7 - 13

Product Update: March 7 - 13

13-Mar 2018

This past week has been huge at Accelo: we've been gathering feedback on our recent Activities enhancements, and we should have something live for all of our users to enjoy in the coming days! We've also been working on the launch of our new integration with NinjaRMM which you can learn all about in Thursday's Sneak Peek Webinar - register here before spots fill up! Besides that, our team have a few smaller but just as helpful improvements to share with you, including: 

Relocate Screen UI Improvement: We like to keep the user experience across Accelo as consistent as possible, including the styles and patterns used to display information. We noticed (and so did several customers) that the full Relocate Activity screen was looking a little dated so we've given the card layout a nice visual refresh to make it much easier on the eyes!

relocate cards

Automatic Team Members for new Tickets: This improvement allows your admin user to configure Accelo's request module such that requests which are automatically converted to a ticket can also create team members (contributors) onto that ticket based on any client contacts who were included (or Cc'd) on the original client request email. Yep - it means if there were other stakeholders on the original request, they can be automatically carried onto the new ticket! This is most handy if you have set-up your new ticket to automatically email some details to the ticket contact and need the other contacts to also be Cc'd since you can configure the email template to notify team members (contributors) too ;-)

Show Inactive toggle on lists screens: Is now 10x more visible when you have it toggled on. This is important since it was easy to toggle this option, making inactive results appear, and then continue to change filters or look through the next page of results and not realize you left that toggle on.

"Payment Received" Notifications: Over the past week, our team have made several improvements and fixes to this feature. The main change is to allow notification to be sent internally (not to clients) when a payment has been imported from an accounting system to Accelo. Unfortunately, this notification was being sent too widely - including the user who created the invoice, the user listed as the owner of the invoice, the client's account manager users and potentially the project, retainer or ticket manager related to the invoice. We've now tightened up these to ensure only the invoice owner will be notified and fixed the notification preference to ensure that toggling this off means you won't be notified if you aren't fussed about payments being imported.

CSV Import creating blank category options: We spotted a bug with the way category options were being imported and fixed this to ensure that if a category value isn't set for a company or contact on import, Accelo won't try and create a blank option - instead, treating it as empty (not set).

Update Retainer during status change: Now your admin(s) can configure your ticket and retainer status progressions so users can be prompted to link the work to a retainer while updating the status. The "Retainer" field will appear allowing them to choose from any retainers against the same client, or even unlink the currently selected retainer.

QuickBooks Online - Invoicing Expense: To make the process of invoicing expense line items from Accelo to QuickBooks Online smoother, we now allow Expense Types (in Accelo admin area) to be linked with Material Items/Codes. This ensures your expense line items can push into QuickBooks with a product/item code of your choice, rather than being allocated a default item code.

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